Almost Same Team To Close Out Season

That’s it, trade deadline day has come and gone, and except for the Canadiens sending Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville and picking up tough guy Brad Staubitz from Minnesota, the Habs remain the same. Which means all I can think of is that I still have to keep seeing Scott Gomez wearing the CH.

So now I’m waiting for one of two things. Gomez gets shipped out after the season comes to a close, or he’ll promise us that next year will be different. “I’ll score 50 next year,” he’ll promise. “Maybe 60.”

This trade deadline was so dull it almost makes the NHL Awards Show exciting.


10 thoughts on “Almost Same Team To Close Out Season”

  1. Well that was a real bummer. I wasn’t expecting a miracle to happen but I had hoped for more than this. I think there were some deals that they just couldn’t get done. I can understand no one wanting Gomez or Kaberle though. I am sure other deals were available but something screwed it up (either the other team wanted a package deal, etc).

    I want to hope that we’ll do something for draft day but I won’t get my hopes up. At the very least, please get rid of Gomez! I’ll endure Kaberle if we have to but I want Gomez gone.

  2. Hey Dennis, Well ,what did you expect?I wasnt thinking they were going to make a big trade,afterall,Pierre Gautheir hasnt made any good trades since he has been there.I never liked the Kaberle trade,nor the Cammalari one either.The Gill trade may show some promise,but we will have to wait and see.

  3. Derry, I didn’t mind the Cammy trade because I want the team bigger and I think he’s a prima donna. He’s not exactly setting the world on fire in Calgary either. I was hoping Kaberle would help the pathetic power play but he hasn’t, and I live for the day when Gomez says bye bye.

  4. Darth, I was sure good old Scott Promise would be traded straight up for Rick Nash. I wonder what happened for this to fall through.

  5. Tom, nice list and I’m with you on all that. I didn’t realize Gill hadn’t been told where he was going right away. That’s brutal. I also commented on your story but completely screwed up somehow. The first comment had me as Dennis Dennis, then everything disappeared. Somehow I pulled a Gomez.

  6. Tom, that’s just brutal and very odd. Gauthier is definitely a different kind of dude and I disagree completely with his methods. It’s just very unusual that’ he’d wait like that to tell the traded player where he was going. I’m kind of scratching my head about this. Maybe he has medical issues.

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