Almost In Pittsburgh PA

The Canadiens let it slip away and fell 4-3 in overtime to the Pens in Pittsburgh, but it was a hard fought loss, they almost won it but they didn’t, and all in all a decent showing against the defending Stanley Cup champions with the world’s greatest player on the team – Tom Kuhnhackl.

They had it in the bag until Pittsburgh tied it with just 55 seconds left in the third period, and in overtime it was an inexcusable ‘too many men’ penalty that cost them the two points.

But at least it was a single point gained, the boys are still near the top of the leader board, and in the words of Bob Cole, it was “not too shabby”.

This is a team with numerous injuries, but they remain competitive. So cheer up, celebrate New Year’s Eve, and all the best to you in 2017. Hopefully great things will happen and it’ll be your best year ever.

Gatorade and chicken soup is good for a hangover.

Random Notes:

Alex Radulov opened the scoring in the first frame, Pittsburgh would go ahead 2-1 in the second, but with just 39 seconds left in the middle period, Paul Byron deflected Jeff Petry’s shot and it was tied at two.

Brian Flynn would put the boys ahead in the third, but then the wheels fell off.

The Pens outshot the Habs 41-40, and Montreal was absolutely dismal on their two power play attempts.

Next up – Music City on Tuesday.

I’m having some doubts about my new idea for this site. It’s possible that it’s a tremendously stupid idea.

6 thoughts on “Almost In Pittsburgh PA”

  1. I made the horrible mistake of saying 7 points on this trip would be a success. Firing Therrien would be a success… Sad that Subban maybe lost for the year, but hopefully the Habs kicks tail in Nashville for Webber and Wednesday in Dallas with my butt in attendance, for my birthday! Had a great week in Montreal, it was bearable cold and the game in Columbus, although a loss, was OK. Nice fans, pretty good arena and there are many bars within 25 yards of the place (Torts will screw this one up)…

  2. You’re really getting around, Mike. I didn’t know you were in Columbus too, and now it’s Dallas coming up. Just excellent and I’m envious. I think they’re doing fine considering the injuries. Better than last year at least. They’ll make the playoffs, everyone will be healthy (fingers crossed), and they make a run at the prize. I was at a playoff game at the Forum when the Habs eliminated either Boston or Quebec, I can’t quite remember, but the atmosphere was completely different than regular season. It was something to behold.

  3. Happy New Year to all of DK’s followers & to you Dennis. Lucy & the wee one!
    Not much to say but that was a pretty bogus too many men penalty in OT! To me it spoiled a really good game of hockey between two fine teams. Watch the replay one guy stepping off the ice & one stepping on BS!!!

  4. Hi Dennis….It Is looking like Our Once Glorious team is only bending but refusing to break this year. They should make the playoffs but I can’t see much beyond that. However I was once right a long time ago now I think. This team can be described as pesky but boy they don’t check at all other than Emelin who is in my opinion their best D-Man this year…we’ll if only he could provide some offense. Seriously he is playing well.
    What is your new idea regarding your site Dennis ? I’ve been absent for a few days. Remember I thought Toronto may make the playoffs this year…we’ll what do you think ? They play a good entertaining game these days.

  5. I didn’t look closely enough, Mike. I was just so pissed that they had a too many men in OT. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot.

  6. I’m a Emelin fan, Cliff. Have been since he came aboard. I like his old style way of playing. Don Cherry hates him, and I don’t understand why. Emelin plays Like they did from Cherry’s era. Or maybe Cherry just hates the Habs in general. My idea for my blog? It sort of involves where I live, but I’m having second thoughts now. I need to think about it for awhile. I would like to have a one -of-a-kind site, considering there’s about 500 of them doing basically the same thing. They’re all good though. I just want to be a bit different. It’s been almost ten years for me. I need some freshness.

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