Almost A Magical Night At The Bell Centre

It just warmed the cockles of my heart to see the smug, grinning look wiped off Alex Ovechkin’s face after the Habs rebounded from a dismal first period to tie it at two in the second. Up until then, Ovechkin was pretty well showing off, like he was a teenager playing against a handful of little kids on the frozen pond. He swooped and dashed and circled and deked, and the crowd went ooh and aah.

He felt it, he smiled, he congratulated himself for being such a better hockey player than those Habs.

Then those Habs, those young, Hamilton Bulldog Habs, those ailing and overmatched Habs, showed this show-off he’s not God, nor is his team, and the home team slowly and surely picked it up several notches, and Jaroslav Spacek and Tomas Plekanec banged it home. 

Ovechkin’s grin disappeared and so did his teammates’s. I was so proud of the boys at this moment.

In the third, the Canadiens quietly and gloriously took the lead on a power play goal by Travis Moen and kept the lead, almost to the end. But Paul Mara took a high sticking penalty with 16 seconds left, and with the Washington goalie pulled which created a two-man advantage, the Capitals tied it with just eight seconds left and promptly won it in the shoot-out.

No need to go into details about the overtime or shootout. The only thing we need to know is the team played with heart and desire and fortitude, blocking and checking and coming together which makes a person proud to be a Habs fan. 

Random Notes:

Ron Maclean on Coach’s Corner looked sick and out of sorts. Go home, Ron. Have a shot of brandy and go to bed. Or maybe he’s just mad at Don Cherry.

Puzzlement of the night: One of the board signs at the Bell Centre is an advertisement for U2 on July 17 of 2010. It’s puzzling because  U2 has absolutely no problem selling out their concerts? Why would they advertise on the boards which cost thousands of dollars eight months before the show? Why would they need to?

Leafs on Tuesday. Leafs suck.

19 thoughts on “Almost A Magical Night At The Bell Centre”

  1. As predictable as Kabuki theatre, you can just feel another bad call coming from the refs at the end. Sure enough, Mara gets stung with the high sticking and the Caps gets an undeserved break.
    Then joy turned to despair and lots of swearing.
    Still, the Habs showed grit, character and courage tonight and came back from a two-goal deficit against a good team. Nothing to be ashamed of. A big victory that got away from us with a little help from Bet-man’s Hab-hating refs.

  2. It was like it was scripted. Give the Habs a penalty with seconds left so the Caps can tie it. I’m like you – I felt it coming. Still, I’m very proud of them. True grit.

  3. Hey Dennis;This just happens to all the teams that are leading at the end of the game,the refs are surely directed to call almost anything to go to o.t. and then a shootout,this is Bettmen’s way of making an exciting game more exciting to please the american fans who dont give a shit what happens on the ice
    On the other hand I think the Habs played well,Carey Price made some very nice saves,we got a point..oh isnt that what we would have gotten if it was left a tie?

  4. It’s just too bad, Derry. But at least the way they played wiped that smug smile off Ovechkin’s face.

  5. maybe yzerman seen something he liked in price tonight. Interesting why he was there. Doubt it was for price though.

  6. Yzerman was watching Mike Green. Sure, if you like forwards masquerading as defencemen. But if I’m Yzerman, I check off Steve Mason and check on Carey Price. (I’m not sold on Bobby Lu either).

    Garbage officiating. Pacioretty was victim to two phantom calls too (hearing the Bell Center rip Ovechkin for diving was awesome though, booed him every time he touched the puck for the rest of the game…and it was bugging him). But man, Pleks gotta work on those faceoffs.

    How about Tommy Pyatt and Ryan White eh? God I love those kids.

  7. Hi Mayo. Even though Price is playing well, it’s probably too late for the Olympics. But I hope I’m wrong. I’d love to see him there – returning to Vancouver where the worst night of his life took place.

  8. I didn’t watch the game today. Because i woke up too late, but when i woke up, i checked the Habs website, it said.

    Habs:3 Caps:2
    Time Remaing: 16 Seconds

    My exact words were. “Yeah, like we’re gonna win.”

  9. It was a bummer, Phil. But there’s so much promise there when they’re healthy. I was actually quite proud of them.

  10. It’s really just one of those things that you sense. liek you’ve said before.
    once it crosses your mind, it’ll happen. I hate how the world works.

  11. I’m 12 hours ahead, so the games would start at 7:30 in the morning.

    #31, Steve Mason’s been pretty garbage recently. a lot people keep saying ” Should i drop Mason from my pool?!”

    Here’s some proof.
    His GAA is 3.46
    his Save % is 8.90

    Carey is probably worth giving a shot for the Olympics, he’s been stellar, and he’s carrying an injury plagued team on his back.

    But i do agree on Luongo. He can get really hot, but he can slump a lot really quickly, I think the pressure’s getting to him.

  12. They are probably advertising U2 cause it’s going to be one of the biggest shows in montreal in a very long time. Their spending 3 million dollars for a temporary stage/stadium to be built at the hippodrome. Apparently it could fit up to 80 000 people

  13. god, why did they let Lapierre (3 for 4 but not good enough to justify a shot) shoot in the shootout? Martin needs to rethink his approach. He should use his more talented stickhandlers. Did he do this for the fans? if he did he cost the habs a point. may prove costly come playoff time. He should have went for Kostisyn or maybe even Bergeron who like has more puck skills.

  14. About U2, they’re not able to make any profit, because of their gigantic stage, they basically won’t make any money at all if they keep it. So advertising is a must if they’re gonna make anything at all

  15. What happened? Montreal was flying in the 2nd and the start of the 3rd and then they shut it down to play defence. But the team played it very well and I thought they would make it even after the Mara penalty.
    It was a penalty, but what ever happened to not having the refs decide the game? It was your standard cross-check, it wasn’t a vicious, it wasn’t creating or preventing a scoring chance. But this is the new NHL, OTs galore, especially with Ovechkin to sell the game to Americans.
    There was only 16 s left and Montreal was playing great defence. What happened?

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