Almost A Heroic Night For Lapierre. Instead, Habs Lose

I remember when I used to like roller coaster rides. Up and down, arms held high, trying not to fall out while copping a feel. That was then.

I hate roller coasters now. At least the kind we get from the Montreal Canadiens. And this kind of up and down has been lasting all year. Play well, don’t play well, get a lead, blow a lead. And tonight, after Maxim Lapierre had split the defence a la Jean Beliveau and put the Habs up 3-2 midway throught the third, it looked as though the roller coaster was making an upward climb again.

But it wasn’t to be. The Islanders scored late to tie it, almost won it with the man advantage in overtime, and then made Jaroslav Halak look very ordinary in the shootout, and Habs fall 4-3 in Unionville on a shocking night when could have sealed a playoff berth because of the Rangers losing in Buffalo. They didn’t, and the other key team on the bubble, the Flyers, beat Toronto, so nothing’s decided whatsoever. It just continues to be depressing.

And roller coaster? Habs were flat in the first, good in the second, not bad in the third, took a bad penalty in overtime, and were feeble in the shoot-out.

Random Notes:

Canadiens will try again to seal this thing when they travel to Raleigh to tackle the Hurricanes on Thursday. If they don’t get it done there, they’ve got one last chance, and that’s when the Leafs, of all teams, visit the Bell Centre on Saturday.

Other goal-getters for the Habs were Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta.

9 thoughts on “Almost A Heroic Night For Lapierre. Instead, Habs Lose”

  1. Hey Dennis , Well that wasnt a great game ,they were tottaly outshot,looked tired I thought.I hope that they try to show a little more effort for the next game,matbe play Price and see if he is more rested,Halak is tired .

  2. i guess even the rocket is not perfect, just like the pope………… i’m sure he can’t fiqure these guys out and probably doesn’t give a shit.

  3. My theory is that the team doesn’t want to win. They’re trying to skate the fine line to try and finish eighth. Looking back on the season, the team they’ve had the best results against is the Capitals.

  4. This “system” Jacques Martin has of falling into a defensive trap with the slimmest of leads, or even at times no lead is driving everyone to drink. I finished a two-four of Grecian Formula 16 — and it didn’t help one bit. Okay maybe it helped us get the loser point but I still don’t have the dashing good looks of the Rocket this morning.

    Why can’t JM understand that the best defense is a strong offense. I’m not saying to take crazy chances but geez let the boys skate…

    He should listen to what Churchill said: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

    All I know is that the Isles played like their lives depended on it and acted like they won game seven of the Stanley Cup finals. They didn’t look like a team that was heading to the golf course last night.

    Why can’t JM seem to generate that kind of intensity on a regular basis? He needs to get worked up. Swear a bit. Or a lot. Throw a chair. Go Torteralla a bit every now and then. His motivational skills are about as effective as a public service announcement.

    He can change. I know he can. Look, he called a time out — and Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room had live up-to-the-minute coverage of the event.

    Fortunately, we only need one single point to clinch the playoff berth. The Rangers must win all three of their games to unseat us.

    We better see the “A” team tomorrow night.

    I don’t want to even think about the nightmare scenario. If it all ends up being decided in the final game against Toronto, do you think they’ll go easy on us?

    And Dennis’ hatred of the Leafs will rise to psychotic levels.


    Hobo, I am sure the Rocket gives a shit. He has ways of showing us his fury. Do not underestimate the Rocket.

    As for the Pope, maybe he should take up golf. Tiger’s taken up religion.


    Does Halak or Price get the start tomorrow night? Tough call I say.

  5. danno

    i never under estimate the rock. i would feel much better if i thought he gave a shit. a little fury would go a long way………. i think golf is a great thing for the pope to take up at his age…….. i feel comfortable with price trying again to pull a rabbit out of the hat. he is going to have to do it sooner than later.

  6. Hey you Hobo! I agree, put Price in. I think. The main thing is, they need to win. And you’re right, a little fury goes a long way. I think O’Byrne, for example, with his size, would be a much more effective player if he played with a hate-on. Nice guys finish last.

  7. Danno – good stuff. I’d love to see some more emotion from Martin. Also, he needs a new hairdo. And I’m with you, I want to see a chair thrown out out there. Maybe three. We’ll see the A team tomorrow. If we don’t, where’s the heart?

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