All The Best To Paul Henderson


“I have no angst in my body, no fear whatsoever.”

So says Paul Henderson as he announces he has leukemia. The guy who made a nation cheer in 1972 when he scored the winning goal against the Soviets with 34 seconds left in game eight in Moscow says he can deal with the dreaded disease because of his strong faith.

From hockey fans everywhere, good luck, Paul.

4 thoughts on “All The Best To Paul Henderson”

  1. dennis how r u, i have a signed newspaper from 72, by Vladislav tretiak. the edition is called the Hendersun, i would like to know how to reach paul to get him to sign this as well, as tretiak wondered why no canadians had autographed it yet i would really appreciate this if u could help me out

  2. Hi Jim. Catching up to Paul Henderson is probably a little tricky for a couple of reasons. He’s a motivational speaker for Campus Crusade for Christ, and therefore travels around a lot spreading the word. He’s also batting cancer and spends a lot of time in Europe looking for alternative treatments.
    Maybe the best thing to do is contact his old buddy Ron Ellis at the Hockey Hall of Fame and ask for a suggestion.
    And one other thing – Henderson does the off card show signing, I think, and that’s probably the best way.
    Good luck!

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