All The Best For Tom Kostopoulos

One of my favourite Habs is a Hab no longer. Tom Kostopoulos has signed a three-year deal with the Carolina Hurricanes. Hopefully he’ll be better appreciated in Carolina.

Kostopoulos was never a star, and will never be a star, but he’s as important as most any other on a team. He fights bigger men, he’s the definitive team player, he works harder than hard, he digs deep in the corners where bigger stars refuse to go. He’s just not an impact player, far from it, and at the moment, Montreal needs impact players.

Last year on the Quebec TV show 100%, Michel Beaudry, to the chuckles around him from Michel Bergeron and Jean Perron, called him Kostfuckupolos because Beaudry thought the team should be playing Steve Begin more.  Beaudry was fired for this, but that’s the sort of thing Kostopoulos had to put up with from certain brutal media types in Montreal.

This is a guy who earns his money and gets no respect, except from a couple of important ones – his teammates and many fans. I hope he does fantastic down south. Carolina’s lucky to have him.

9 thoughts on “All The Best For Tom Kostopoulos”

  1. A team can’t afford having 4 lines of high “impact” scoring star players. Kostopoulos is an ideal 3rd line winger. Works hard, hits, fights for the puck, eats time and provides some scoring. Keeping Laraque to watch from the pressroom while letting Kostopoulos go for a bit over ½ the price doesn’t make sense.

  2. Christopher,

    I may be wrong but I think Laraque has a no trade clause in his contract. We’re stuck with him, if his back is still wonky come training camp I think the best they can do is put him on IR to free up cap space.

  3. Was he ever healthy last year? He was frequently a “healthy” scratch. Even when he did dress he took few shifts during which he didn’t hit, fight or intimidate anyone. And when he’s done with IR he should be put on waivers or even have his contract bought out. The money saved would have covered a good part of Kostopoulos’ salary.

    I’d rather have pay 1.0M to buy out Laraque and 0.9M to Kostopoulos than pay 1.5M for healthy scratch Laraque and 0.4M for a call up who’s not ready.

  4. Laraque was a complete wash-out last year. Is he going tobe the same again this year? I agree with your buy out plan.

  5. I loved Tom Kostopoulos in Montreal.

    4 sure.

    He earned his money…. always stuck up for his teammates.

    I wish Tom K the very very best.

  6. I hope Montreal finishes is dead last for the way they treated T.K. and some of their other players. They won’t be able to win without character like Kostopoulos has. He will do well in Carolina. My condolescence to the Montreal Greek Community as well. He was one great poster boy.

    Leaf Fan

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