All-Star Game Baby Naming

In just nine months from now, the NHL all-star game, which normally would be held at this time, won’t be because if all goes well, players will be suiting up as Olympians in Sochi instead.

So women everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they can get pregnant and not miss any all-star action because they’ll be in the delivery room.

You can, however, name the new baby Bettman or Sochi if you want.

Last year’s all-star game was supposed to take place in Columbus, but didn’t because of that little hiccup called the lockout. So now it’ll be two full years without titillating drama, like the classic of two years ago when Team Lidstrom edged Team Staal 11-10.

I was on the edge of my seat. The edge of the porta potty I always bring into the living room so I don’t miss anything.

Have you ever considered the name Porta Potty for your baby?

When the games are played, it’s heart-stopping drama, as we saw in 2009 when the Eastern Conference team beat the Western Conference 12-11, or 1993, when the Wales Conference clobbered the Campbell Conference 16-6.

Unfortunately, very few parents wanted to name their babies Wales, although I think there’s quite a few Campbells. But no Drama. Maybe there’s the odd kid in Hollywood called Drama. There’s Moroccan and Exton, so why not Drama?

It wasn’t always football scores in all-star games. When the format meant the Stanley Cup champs against the best of the rest, both sides wanted bragging rights, so the games were serious and hard-hitting. In fact, the record for lowest amount of goals scored occurred in 1956, when the Cup champion Habs and the NHL elite tied 1-1.

The Rocket scored for Montreal, while Terrible Ted Lindsay did the same for the NHL.

Surprisingly, I’ve yet to run into anyone born in 1956 named Rocket or Terrible. But there are a ton of people named Richard and Lindsay out there.

Things were also deadly serious in 1979 when NHL players played a three-game series against the Soviet squad called the Challenge Cup, which saw the foreigners take two of three games, including a 6-0 whitewashing in the deciding game..

If you were born in 1979, is your name Challenge? Or Foreigner? Or Helmut Balderis?

And for the record, my daughter was born just after this series. We named her Shannon. My wife wasn’t much of a hockey fan.



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