All Of A Sudden, After A Long Night, There’s A New Feel To The Finals

Is it possible this could be a dream series after all?

Is it possible that one team, although badly outshot in the series, down three games to one, with one young star, Evgeny Malkin, asleep at the wheel, and the other young star, Sidney Crosby, not behaving like the new Wayne Gretzky, can now make this a real series like we all thought it would be, on the strength of Petr Sykora’s overtime goal in game five that now makes it three games to two.

This absolutey can be a series to remember, although not the way we thought it would be. We thought it could go either way before it started. But Detroit’s been too good and it should be over but it’s not. Now, Wednesday’s tilt in Pittsburgh should be a real beauty.

Although we’ve been fooled before.


There’s nothing worse in professional sports than a final series sweep, or even a five game series.  In a perfect world, the showcase stretches out, with drama and heartache, and ending with sheer ecstacy for one team, with one player who creates a legend for himself by hitting that ninth inning pitch into the bleachers, nailing that last second three-pointer or Hail Mary, or notching a game seven overtime goal.

It’s drama. It’s what most of us want. Not some lacklustre, one-sided four game sweep. It’s not good for anyone, except the winning team.

Now we’ve got a series. Maybe.

In the last few hours I’ve talked to people who feel Pittsburgh can now win the whole thing. I’m not sure I feel this way, but they do.

And how can this be? The Penguins have been outplayed, outshot, and outclassed. But goalie Marc-Andre Fleury is starting to play like Martin Biron did in the Montreal-Philadelphia series, which is not something I’m particularly thrilled to remember.


Game Note.

When Maxime Talbot tied the game up late in the third period, it was originally announced as having been scored with 34 seconds to go. So I planned on mentioning that this would be the biggest goal with 34 seconds to go since Paul Henderson’s in Moscow in 1972.

Then the official time became 35 seconds to go. So never mind.






2 thoughts on “All Of A Sudden, After A Long Night, There’s A New Feel To The Finals”

  1. DK,

    Pens won last night and the star was Fleury … funny how those skinny posts can be so prominent at times which truth we Habbers know only too well. For the Pens to win the same script has to be played out again and again. Me? I would like the Pens to win but I am extremely dubious that the current cast can do it because the Wings are truly a formidable team in all aspects of the game. Interestingly, they are so good because they emphasize team work and maximize the talents and abilities of all their players – a good team makes good players better and a great team makes good players excel. Therein lies the crucial diff between the two in that the Wings’ good players are currently playing better than the Pen’s good players. And great players? They win Cups.

    t.c.: Charlie played in the NHL for a mix of part/full-time of 13 years. In those years he played an average of approx 27-28 games per year …. hmmm, assuming a constant 60 game sked, less than 1/2 the possible total, eh? As well, he spent a lotta time in the minors both during and punctuating his time in the NHL. The Vezinas? Hmm, with whom? Yeah, those great great great defensive Habs teams – yup, Habs were always the best defensively. Again, Hodge, of whom I was a big fan (in all ways)& thought he shoulda been played more,was nevertheless for the most part a career back-up and as such he was mightily `effective’.

    Sigh, la P, don’t go getting all revved up especially when in the immortal words of Meatloaf, as a card-carrying punkette,`you’ve got no place to go’. Hehe, your being right is not an `of course’ but an ‘exceptionaly so’ hence the surprise. As for the `daughter’- presumably you’re talking about Fergie’s -she’s short … hmm, maybe that’s why you think she’s so cute … how short are U excluding, of course, your ankle-high list of `righties’? And when are you going to do your duty and send me my chocs (Calibaut is good)? my belles fleurs (Albertan wild roses are good)? my laptop deluxe (a 17″ Toshiba is good)? my fuel-efficient albeit rugged pick-up (a sport Ford Ranger is good)? Small reward, it seems to me, for all the concrete advice, moral support and kind words that I have so generously and unstintingly bestowed on your short self ….hehehe, note how I have most sportingly left you a wide open window through which you can throw what some, ess than enlightened fans, might say is a well-deserved, certainly appropriate comeback.

  2. western lady,

    I live in the west. Question: is it possible for a Canucklehead-ette to be a lady? Seems to me that to informed and discerning fans, the two are mutually exclusive. How’s this for a `sporting’ syllogism: All Canuckleheads (including -ettes) suck/Ladies never suck/Therefore a Canuckleheadette is not a lady.

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