Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby: Who Would You Choose?

They’ve both been in the league since the 2005-06 season, and both, in their own distinct ways, have been fabulous. Any General Manager, if asked who he would pick from these two to build his team around, would have to think long and hard. Crosby is the successor to Gretzky and Lemieux’s mantle, and is The Next One. Ovechkin plays with abandon, and several of his many goals have been described as some of the prettiest ever. Both fill rinks wherever they play, both genuinely love the game, and both have the big numbers.


Sidney Crosby is 20 years old, and Ovechkin is 22.

Crosby is a centreman. Ovechkin plays left wing.

Crosby is 5’11”, 200 lbs.  Ovechkin is 6’2″, 217 lbs.

Crosby, in 206 games, has 95 goals, 190 assists, for 285 points. (with 207 penalty minutes.)

Ovechkin, in 213 games, has 137 goals, 126 assists, for 263 points. (with 126 penalty minutes.)


Who will prove to be the bigger winner. Crosby’s on a better team and may wear a Stanley Cup ring soon. Ovechkin may never wear the ring. Winners create more of a legacy than non-winners.

Who will have more longevity. Both are good sizes, but both go kamikaze to the net. Crosby already is in the midst of a serious ankle injury. Ovechkin has dodged the bullet so far.

Crosby’s a Canadian, so his love of hockey is built in. For him, hockey’s as natural as eating and sleeping.

Ovechkin’s Russian. And you can tell by the smiles that he finds sheer joy in playing the game. It seems his love of hockey is built in too.

Crosby’s a better playmaker with all the hockey smarts. Ovechkin just plays with natural instinct and has a colourful knack when scoring. 

Crosby is the new Gordie Howe. Ovechkin is the new Maurice Richard.

4 thoughts on “Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby: Who Would You Choose?”

  1. My Pa chooses Ovechkin.

    I’ll take the one who asks for the least money. That’s what hockey is really about Charlie Brown.

  2. I’ll take Sidney. Both are great. But I am a Canadian and great playmakers who are also great goal-scorers don’t come along very often.

  3. Sidney Crosby would be my choice, although its a difficult one to make. Crosby brings an all around game like a seasoned veteran, and the crazy thing is hes only 20 years old! he is so beyond his years right now its scary to think of what hes going to be like when hes a 10 year vet in the league. Ovechkin on the other hand is a more 1 demantional player, a spectacular one i might add but he doesnt bring as much to the table as sidney crosby does. This could be argued so many different ways i think it all comes down to a matter of personal opinion.

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