Alex Kovalev And A Potent Power Play Propel The Canadiens

Of course it was a big 5-3 win for the Canadiens over the Ottawa Senators. Really big. Another loss and the angry villagers would be showing up at Bob Gainey’s door with torches and shovels. Guy Carbonneau would be asking around for an unemployment form. Players would peak around corners to make sure no one was around before they slithered off home.

But such is not the case. Because Alex Kovalev, with a timely dose of drama, came back from his little coffee break and scored once, assisted on two others, killed penalties, had other good scoring chances, was cheered by the Bell Centre fans, and all in all, had a great night. And because of that, at least until Tuesday when the team hosts the Vancouver Canucks, Kovalev is back in the good books, a hero who leads his team to victory.

Sacre bleu!!

Of course the night wasn’t perfect. Montreal took too many penalties and ended up two-men down a couple of times. But hey, it’s a night of forgiving. We’ll let them have that. And besides, they scored three big power play goals, one by Mathieu Schneider again, so all the good stuff outweighed any bad stuff.

It’s nice to drool and slobber for a change instead of punching walls and howling at the moon.

Jaroslav Halak was in nets and played really well and made some big-time stops when called upon. The one question I have about this decision is Carey Price. The organization is desperate for the youngster to regain his confidence, and going with Halak after Price had looked quite good in Washington but not quite as good in Pittsburgh may not exactly beef up any confidence he might have now.

But I could be wrong. It’s just a theory. Hell, I never met the guy. How would I know?

And Tomas Plekanec is now showing us the Tomas Pleckanec of a year ago, which is a welcomed indeed. And can he keep it up? Hell, I never met the guy. How would I know?

Random Notes:

Like I said earlier, Vancouver is in Tuesday night. We need this. It would kind of make up a little for the sad western road trip the Canadiens came up with last week.

2 thoughts on “Alex Kovalev And A Potent Power Play Propel The Canadiens”

  1. Dennis,

    I watched your habs play yesterday and i’ve gotta say they were lucky to win that one, being out shot 44-13 and all I think Halak has gotta take most the glory for that win (kovalev looked good to) . Looking forward to Tuesday night, if your interested in watching the game again let me know.

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