Alex Auld Signs With Habs

Goaltender Alex Auld has signed with the Canadiens for a million bucks.

This is neither earth-shattering nor monumental. Auld is a journeyman goalie who’s played for seven other teams before becoming a Hab, and has been a back-up throughout his career. I recall him mostly as a very ordinary netminder while with the Canucks.

What does this mean? Is Dan Ellis now out of the picture? Will it be the netminding duo of Price and Auld next season?  I need to phone Pierre Gauthier and have him explain this to me.

This is not something that is making me giddy and overcome by excitement.

Here’s the lowdown on Alex Auld for what it’s worth.

13 thoughts on “Alex Auld Signs With Habs”

  1. So we’re pickup up the Ranger’s cast offs? I prefer how they signed Martin Biron for $1.8M total for 2 years. He would also have provided some French-Canadian quota.

  2. Chris, getting Alex Auld doesn’t thrill me one bit. He was almost ridiculed as a Canuck. I’m quite unhappy about this but maybe the plot is only thickening. Like I said, I’m very confused.

  3. Alex Auld is notable for a rare and unusual shutout loss to the Canadiens in 2006 when he was a Panther.
    Auld stopped 39 shots and the game was scoreless after 60 minutes and remained so even after the overtime.
    Christobal Huet stopped two of three shots in the shootout and Alex Kovalev and Saku Koivu both scored against Auld in what must have been a heatbreaking defeat for Auld and the Panthers on November 28, 2006.
    But in spite of the loss, the game went into the books as Auld’s second career shutout and his first as a Florida Panther.

  4. Danno, Auld is such an underwhelming signing I’m almost in shock. He’s mediocre at best and if Price goes through a bad stretch, I think we’re in big trouble. It was so much more of a luxury when we had Halak. I can’t wait for the end of the day so I can see for myself whether I should take up cricket instead.

  5. Dan Ellis signed with Tampa Bay for $1.5 million a year for two years.
    Martin Biron slips away to the Rangers for a two year deal at $875,000 per year.
    We got Auld at a million a year.
    Was someone asleep at the switch or is it a factor that players don’t want to play in Montreal unless they are overpaid for their value?
    Let’s just hope that Price plays to his full potential this year and none of this matter.

  6. Danno, all of a sudden Dan Ellis is on my severely disliked-list. I hope he has a terrible season. And I say this without knowing anything about the ins and outs of him not getting signed with the Habs. In my little pea-brain way of thinking, once again it’s all about a couple of dollars difference between Florida and Quebec. I had a feeling about him for a few days ago – him saying if the price is right he’ll sign with Montreal. I kind of figured he was just weighing offers and options and had no real burning desire to wear the CH. I know this is very narrow-minded but when I see we’re stuck with Auld now, it burns my ass. I’m very uncomforatable now about our goaltending and I wouldn’t have been nearly so much if we had Ellis. I’m a little bit pissed off right now.

  7. Is there such a thing as July Fools day? Was the job of signing a backup goalie pawned off to an idiot summer student relative of the janitor? With a $1M budget did he start at the top of the list of UFA goalies and sign the first person who picked up the phone?
    In a month’s time there will still be better goalies available for less. Johan Hedberg, Patrick Lalime, Manny Legace, Andrew Raycroft, Jose Theodore, Vesa Toskala, Marty Turco, Steve Valiquette. Even if they’re not much better than Auld now, they can at least teach Price how to win in the NHL.

  8. I think it comes down to Ellis not wanting to scrape the windshield of his car before heading out to a practice or a game.
    That, and being able to have a beachfront home with a view and not having to deal with the Montreal media.
    And the extra taxes.
    Those reasons and probably a few others trump any sentimentality players might feel in playing for the Canadiens.
    Beach sand, bikinis and banana coladas might also have something to do with his decision.
    Ellis was just teasing everyone when he let on he might sign with Montreal.
    If he had no desire to play for the Habs I’m glad he’s gone.
    Good luck to him…

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