9 thoughts on “Ah, The Perks Of Habs Blogging”

  1. DK, beware of canuckleheads bearing gifts! And, of course, Jan’s canuckleheadedhouse blew off Gaston. What? She get to drop-kick him a few times for those `sick’ shorts …. yeah, I know `bleachitis’ when I see it.

  2. You can all think what ever you like………I’ve gone and picked up the spirits of a depressed bloggin’ buddy and you 3 can ride the freakin’pine!! Glad you like ’em Dennis. Keep up the good work. Heres to yet another win in Vanc. tonight and hopefully one for you in Ottawa.

  3. This is a very altruistic move by a Canucks fan, one which surely wasn’t easy (purchasing them, I mean).

    Dennis I’m officially jealous. Are there any Canucks fans in Montreal that would support a depressed non-blogger in these bleak times? yeah I didn’t think so…

  4. UH? Since when does a tru blu Habber need moral support from a canucklehead? More to the point, DK is a Habber so he SHOULD be depressed! He deserves to be depressed. If he weren’t depressed THAT would be a problem! Sigh. There you go, a canucklehead `feeling’ for a fellow fan …. DK, send the shorts back! Or, at the very least, torch `em! And, oh yeah, we lost to the condoms … is it possible to be more depressed?

  5. DK, I think jan’scanuckhouse should be locked up in a room with Lawrence for atleast a week, yikes an Orca food frenzy !!
    Cheers from the East !!!!

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