Ah, It Just Seems Like The Other Day That I Was An Olympian

I guess you couldn’t really say “Olympian.” But the Olympic torch relay went through the ferry terminal where I was working and I processed the torch runner’s pass and also said hello to several cops and torch groupies who were there for the thing. I also processed all the passes for the trucks and others who were with the runner.

So without me processing these tickets, the torch wouldn’t have gone through and the Olympic games would have been canceled.

One thought on “Ah, It Just Seems Like The Other Day That I Was An Olympian”

  1. Dennis, you should have refused to ferry the Olympians over unless they met your one demand. NO LAME PEPSI CHANT! (Eh, Oh Canada Go!)

    Who the hell is Pepsi to tell us how to cheer?

    I hear there is a rebellion afoot where people are going to be shouting “DRINK COKE!” instead, in protest to the U.S. soft drink giant’s arrogant campaign.

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