Again, a 2-1Loss At Home

Two goals for the Habs in their two games played this weekend is a bit on the feeble side, wouldn’t you say?

A 2-1 overtime loss to Tampa Bay, and a 2-1 regulation time loss to the Winnipeg Jets.

And at the risk of stretching it a bit, before Montreal’s previous two games in beating Boston and Carolina, they had lost games by the scores of 5-0, 4-1, 5-1, and 5-3.

Yes, a bit on the feeble side. But that’s what this season is and will probably remain. Some fine games and a whack of lousy ones.

The problem is, they’re slowly inching closer to being out of the playoffs. So the whack of lousy ones needs to be less than a whack.

It’s imperative that they get their asses in gear.

We need to be patient, says Marc Bergevin. But Bergevin’s only been the GM for a short while. General managers before him told us in different ways that we needed to be patient too.

I hate the patient thing. I don’t know how to fix it quickly but I hate it anyway. Patience and bad moves isn’t supposed to mean two decades.

Being patient is for disciples of the Dali Lama. Bad moves is me on the dance floor.

And speaking of bad moves….. there was Bob Gainey, who once said “”We are extremely pleased to have acquired a player of the caliber of Scott Gomez.  Scott is an elite player who will certainly contribute to the success of our team for years to come.”

The beat goes on, on and off the ice. Don’t worry, front office. We fully expect to see a powerhouse in the next few years. Until we don’t, because we need to wait just a little bit longer than a few years.

And when a few years come and go, we’ll wait a few more.

The Canadiens started slow in the first period on Sunday, which not only happens often, but just seems to me to be inexcusable.

Start slow? How come? I prefer the rarely tested “starting fast” idea.

But they did pick up steam, and in the second period, after the Jets had made it 1-0, Brian Gionta first rang one off the post and shortly after, bulged the twine to give us all hope.

But lo and behold, in the third frame, Carey Price misplayed a puck near the crease and the Winnipeggers grabbed the lead and that was that.

PK scored on his own net yesterday, and Price fumbled the ball today.

Two days, two miscues, two 2-1 losses.

Just not a good time. And now is a chance to use a tremendously creative cliche I’ve just made up and one you’ve never heard before – “we’ll take it one game at a time”.

Because on Tuesday when it’s the Flames in town, the gang might be sensational.

In fact, they might be so good, they could even score three goals.

How great would that be?

Random Notes:

Brendan Gallagher played his heart out, worked like nobody’s business, and tussled often with Mark Stuart, who’s listed at 6’2, 213 lbs.

Some players have an abundance of heart like Gally. Others, like…….., don’t.

Flames on Tuesday, Canucks on Thursday, Carolina Saturday. Then it’s the Olympic break.


10 thoughts on “Again, a 2-1Loss At Home”

  1. Two goals in two games, both at home, and one point out of a possible four this weekend. The wins over Carolina and Boston seem like a million years ago already………….

  2. A few things…

    I heard a radio broadcaster say after the game that it really shows we are missing Galchenyuk and White. Really? Chucky is good but I doubt he is the answer to our problems. And White?

    I hate it when Price comes out of his crease like that. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

    DD. I wish he would start taking more shots on net instead of always passing. He’s a great passer but I think he has a lot of talent handling the puck and can drive it to the net (or closer) on his own without always feeling like he has to feed Max. I think he’s shooting more and I hope he keeps that a constant.

    Gallagher. Oh, Gallagher. If you were on another team, I would not like you. It’s looking like everyone is getting a handle on who he is and how he bugs, and he’s getting a glove wash at every game now. Quite honestly though, I think he deserved that penalty at the end of the game. He’s great at infiltrating the crease, but I think he needs to tone it down just a notch.

  3. Good points, Marjo. Yes, they miss Galchenyuk and White but at this point in Galchenyuk’s career, he’s not a game-breaker. Maybe in a year or two. White adds toughness but we’ve seen a lot of silly penalties from him, so he doesn’t always help. Price got all tangled up and wasn’t solid on that play. That was just a bad decision type of thing, and the goal really sucked. DD is a natural playmaker and I wish he’s shoot more too. He seems to get a lot of chances but wants to make the perfect play. I hate that. It’s great when a perfect play works, but they seldom do, unless it’s Wayne Gretzky. And Gally has so much heart it’s amazing. But taking that kind of abuse over several years will wear him down, or he’ll start to get more injuries. If only Bourque had some of Gally’s heart.

  4. Just a thought, were the wins against Chicago & Boston a way for the team to show MB how they can play & the feeble losses how we can play if you don’t get rid of MT??

  5. Maybe Mike, but I just think they don’t have enough pieces of the puzzle to be consistent. I don’t know why they can look so good and then so bad. It’s tough being a Habs fan.

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