About That Canucks Collapse

Fans’ thoughts I borrowed from a couple of Vancouver Province opinion pages after the Great Canucks Collapse of 2012. Canucks fans are feeling the pain, and inexplicably, I don’t feel sorry for them. Why is that?

Here’s what some were saying:

“Unfortunately, two things that do not go hand-in-hand are the Stanley Cup and Vancouver Canucks.”

“The Canucks aren’t built for the post-season despite winning the Presidents Trophy. Their players are too small and have been manhandled by LA. Hard to create offence when your nose is pressed into the glass for 60 minutes. Mike Gillis needs to rip the team apart and get bigger and stronger.”

“LOL! All of Canada is enjoying this meltdown! Canucks fans deserve this mess. You bragged and mocked other fans and now look what you have; an old team on the decline with big money locked up and zero blue-chip prospects in the system. Enjoy!”

“Goodbye Mike Gillis, goodbye Ryan Kesler and good riddance Roberto Luongo.”

“What must really suck is the fact you only lasted five more games than the Leafs. Lucky you can golf year-round in Vancouver or you would have some catching up to do.”

“The Presidents’ Trophy is nothing more than a meaningless, distracting consolation prize.”

“They should cut the regular season down to 60 games and start the playoffs in March with best-of-five rounds. The game is just too physically demanding for the frequency and duration they now play.”

“”It’s time to blow up the team, which would have happened last offseason had the Hawks won in Game 7 of Round 1.”

“It was the refs’ fault…no, it was the league’s fault…it was the CIA’s fault. How about it was the fact that the Canucks were outworked, outplayed, outchanced by a team that went out and did what they needed to do without constantly patting themselves on the back for being the greatest hockey dynasty ever.”

“Fire Gillis, fire Gillis, fire Gillis.”

“Alain Vigneault should be axed.”




11 thoughts on “About That Canucks Collapse”

  1. The Canucks are screwed now. If they’d stop acting like a bunch of twits on the ice they wouldn’t be in this situation. Luo’s going, the Coach is going (supposedly here), changes are coming..well, good luck with that.

    Some of those comments are pretty funny though. Reminds me of stuff said about us here!

  2. Mentioning the Canucks in the same sentence as the Leafs, now that’s a harsh insult even if it’s basically a rip-off of a comment you made when they were eliminated. Of course you were being complementary, comparing their season to the Canadiens.

  3. Hey Dennis,The Canuck fans are almost as fickle as the Hab fans,the difference is that the Hab fans are lifelong,not jumping on and off the wagon as the state of their team drags or elevates into the off season.I have talked and tried to get some of these procastinators to believe in the team,before believing in what they are capable of achieving,no luck.may as well hope for peace in the middle east.

  4. Derry, what I find the most irritating is the smugness every year from many Canucks fans. One of those comments in the post really rings true – about how they brag and make fun of other teams. But every year it’s the same. The team does well and then loses in the playoffs.

  5. Chris, thanks, it’s true. I said the Canucks only played five more games than the Habs. Maybe the person reads this blog!

  6. Darth, lots of those comments can be Hab-related for sure. “Too small” really stands out.

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