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It’s good to be older.

My dad brought home a television in the late 1950s and I witnessed the Canadiens win at least two of their five in a row from 1955 to 1960 from our living room in Orillia. I saw the Rocket and Doug Harvey and Jacques Plante and the rest play live in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens, and my dad had Toe Blake take my book into the dressing room to have Harvey sign it.

When I was a young teen in the early 1960s, I went to the old Montreal Forum twice to see games. It was before the renovations of the Forum in 1968, and the pillars were still in place blocking people’s views. After one game, I went down near the Canadiens dressing room and watched the trainers bring out the duffel bags from the old corridor, bags which I knew held the magical equipment of Beliveau, Geoffrion, Backstrom and all the others.

I was nearly 22 and a bartender in Sudbury when the 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Series took place, and I saw every game. I was alone, watching a grainy black and white TV, when Paul Henderson scored in game eight.

I was dating my first wife and together we watched the Canadiens-Red Army game on New Years Eve of 1975, from a high-rise in Ottawa.

I drank beer with Aurele Joliat and drove him home afterwards, gave Glenn Hall a tour of Powell River, saw Bobby Orr play when he was 16 years old in an exhibition game in Bracebridge, met the Rocket, and have had great luck in being in the right place at the right time, many times.

I saw dozens of Original Six games in Toronto, including the Habs on many occasions, and marveled at Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Tim Horton, Bobby Orr and rest, in their prime, from seats at Maple Leaf Gardens.

As a teen, I hitchhiked all over Canada and down to Los Angeles, saw the Beatles live in Toronto in 1966, and overall have lived a wild and crazy life. And I wouldn’t change most of it. I’ve also been to Russia six times and have met several of the Soviet players from the ’72 Series, and I was lucky enough to be taken for a ride with the Snowbirds during a media day on Vancouver Island a few years back when I was a newspaper columnist.

I’m proud to have done the things I did, and am now retired after a lifetime of jobs that included driving semis, working in factories, and at BC Ferries.  But my proudest moment came when I worked in Montreal a few years back for Classic Auctions, the biggest and best historical hockey auction house in the world.

Here’s hoping you enjoy my site and visit often.

If for any reason you’d like to email me, my address is dpkane@outlook.com

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  1. Old, can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t golf, but can drink, likes the proper hockey team, has a great 44 year old younger brother, and has a good wife.

  2. hi dennis,i dont think i have a favorite team,i use to like chicago black hawks when i was young becauseof #9,now i follow hockey from a neutral point of view,dont get me wrong,i love hockey, but now,i like to watch fine hockey players do their fancy play,i like those young players that play with heart first,their love of the game usualy show in the stats book,those guys with heart for the game seem to last a long time in this game we call ours.
    have a good day

    you remind me of my father in a way,you were raise in ontario and you cheer LES CANADIENS DE MONTREAL,dad was raise in quebec and he cheer for the MAPLE LEAF OF TORONTO,I was born in ontario (al secord bert bertuzzi,s town)i was raise in both provinces,in the 70s i play hockey pee wee and bantam in the province of quebec i had the chance to play with gaston gingras he play for a few team in the nhl,as a kid he was a very fine player good skating ability good stick handler and the top scorer in those days,funny when i first saw him on tv i could not beleive he was a defenceman,as a young man he was center,nevertheless it was great to see a player in the nhl that i had the pleasure to play against in my youth,in temiscaming quebec(oh ya we won the cup)i have a picture,we won because we had a better coach i think,also we had more heart.Oh ya Dennis did i ever tell you jacques laperriere#2montreal canadiens,was from my home town(village)bearn quebec,his brother jean-marie laperriere had 6 boys they were all avid hockey players i had the pleasure to play with,they would tell me about their uncle jacques who use to come in the summer at their cottage in ville marie quebec,oh ya did i tell you im related to one of the greatest hockey player to lace the skates,MARCEL DIONNE, HAVE A GOOD DAY

  4. re sort of interesting,,great guy,cheap date can,t drink much without passing out,sucks at cribbage but still a great guy,has the worlds longest hangover but still a great guy,if he was single I,d marry him,well maybe not!!!!

  5. Old, cant dance or sing, but makes pretty darn good-looking kids (especially the female one!)
    p.s. as much as I admire your loyalty to the habs, and how bad you want me to cross over,I have to stay true to my team, kipper, and the amazing but crazy red mile…sorry dad, that’s life…deal with it.

  6. Hi Dennis, I was wondering if you could help me, is there a Canadians Fan Club web site? I wanted to see if we could offer Canadian fans deals on staying at the Seaport Hotel for their travels to Boston, we are located a short distance from the Garden. Incidentally you have a great website, it is good reading. You guys had a good run this year.. I am B’s fan yet some of my favorite players were Canadians (The Rocket, Lafleur and Belliveau) and believe it or not I love the way Charbonneau played the game even though he was a thorn in the bruins side. Thanks, Bill

  7. “Please be gentle though. I’m old”

    Apparently not THAT old, or you’d be ready to retire NOW!

  8. Hi Dennis
    Well done. I enjoyed visiting your site and will be back. I am a habs fan from Manitoba since I was 7yrs old. I was always a habs fan even when we had Winnipeg Jets here. My least favorite team is of course Toronto. Mostly I dislike Toronto because CBC and TSN always show Toronto games by default. I really like it when they do not make the playoffs then I don’t have to see them at all.

    Anyways…my Dad was a habs fan and it’s been 2 years since he left this world. This year, I am hopin they win the cup this year and give Dad a big smile while he’s sitting in the rafters watchin the games!

    take care…
    Brian from Swan River, MB

  9. hey just remembered your site,great work, nice to know some one who lobves the habs as much as me, dennis do you have a lead on some good tickets to montreal vs nucks for the 15 feb, i have been trying but its pretty rediculous what they want, i though i would try, good talking to you, talk again soon

  10. Dennis – Just this weekend I heard about the passing of Gary Lupul. I knew him many years ago when he played in Dallas (yes, Dallas) very early in his career. Everyone loved him – especially the girls with his great smile and dimples. I remember him fondly and was sorry to hear of his passing (although not too timely). Can you tell me the cause of death? Thanks in advance.
    Linda Scott

  11. Gary Lupul was such a great guy, and an underrated hockey player. He died at his nephew’s house in Burnaby, sitting on the couch,holding the remote. We all miss him very much.

  12. Hi Jan! How’d they make out in Nashville? Honestly, I haven’t heard. Vegas was treating me right. And deep down, don’t you like the Habs better?

  13. Nashville ended in one of those Cop-outs that the league refers to as a shoot-out ………get rid of that! Deep down–waaaay deep down–I do have a connection to the Habs– being that it my maternal Grandpa’s fav—-back then when you only had SIX to choose from!!!! Have been a Vanc. fan ever since they started and will continue to pledge allegience to their flag thro’ it all —-just as you Habs fans have. Anyhow–Canucks in Edmonton–HNIC GO CANUCKS GO

  14. Hold on Habs fans!!!HERE COMES A HERO–OH wait it’s the crossbar…….and then Washington scores and the game is over. Now lets go cheer on the CANUCKS!!!!!WE NEED THE 2 PTS.

  15. The Canucks? Hmmm….doesn’t Tony Tanti play for them? Aren’t they the ones with the yellow pajamas sweater?

  16. Tony Tanti!!! Thanks for bringing me back to my teens…..ahh-yes the yellow p.j.sweaters zzzzzz just a quick nod to daydream about the Pavel Bure seasons…..a true Rocket. Go Canucks @ home tonight.

  17. Jan, move over to the regular comments under the postings and post there. You might find some other Canucks’ fans. You’ll definitely find some Habs fans.

  18. transplanted Montrealer/Haligonian in Taiwan, stumbled accross yer blog a few weeks ago and can’t get enough. Well said on Kovalev with the stick handling and Price with the borderline hypochondria. Keep up the good work sir.
    Waiting on the world juniors’ result,

  19. Hello Dennis,

    I’m part of the team working with Pepsi/Lay’s/Gatorade on a very exciting contest called “Team Up and Bring Home the Cup™”

    I thought I’d let you know about it because it’s a grass roots initiative for the most die-hard hockey fans out there. We’d really like to see people who think it would be a dream to have a party in their hometown with Mark Messier and the Stanley Cup submit content and have the best chance possible of winning this grand prize.

    It looks like a record year for support of hockey in Montreal so I thought it best to get the word out to your readers!

    Visit http://tsn.ca/teamup for more details or feel free to contact me with any questions. Your support would be greatly appreciated.



  20. Dennis,
    It has been too long. I hope that all is well. I got up early to watch the Olympic Hockey Game (US vs Russia) with my two sons and have been thinking of you and the Brel family. I dropped Dennis a line also. Write back when you have a chance. Thanks.

  21. Good afternoon MR. Kane,

    I was refered to you by a friend….he said you are an expert when it comes to The summit series….

    I have a few autographs from 1972 and i am trying to identifie them…could you help ?

    Thanks, Allan

  22. Hi Dennis! Long time since I’ve logged in. Been too busy. Nancy said you think I’m mad at you and I’m not! Go Habs! Go Bruins! Go Hockey for an exciting series between the rivals. Hope you are well. Send me an email directly to me and say hi.

    As always, my best to Habs fans everywhere.

  23. Dennis,
    Your website is a real treat. My late father who passed in ’94 (he was only 52), before the Internet became a big thing, was a lifelong Canadiens fan being born and raised on St. Urbain St. in Montreal in the 40s and 50s. I *know* that my old man would have *LOVED* your blog. I’ve just subscribed as there is just so much good stuff and memories from yesteryear that reminds me of the stories that my Dad used to tell me about the Habs of old.

    Go Habs Go in Game 2 !

    All the best,
    Travis Weir

  24. Thank you Travis. I very much appreciate that you like my blog, and that your dad would have too. I just keep plugging away and hoping so much for the Canadiens to win it all. How fantastic that would be.

  25. Hi Dennis .. I’ve been wondering for many years now how you’re doing. Today I received a picture taken in Trafalgar Square London England of us in the early 60’s and was thinking of you. I’d like to send it your way. From your description of Orillia and P&M where we worked I knew it was you. Your old friend .. Robin

  26. hello dennis, nice reliving the 72 series on your great website. can you describe or email me photo of the pucks used in the games in canada and those in russia.



  27. Hi Nick. I’ve sent you an email. If you didn’t get it, please let me know and I’ll go a different route.

  28. we met years ago in powell river and talked hockey. i started collecting in 1952 and am beginning to look and feel like the cardboard from that era. if you have a bit of spare time , please call. 604-590-1051 . looking forward to your call , steve

  29. Good day,

    My name is Billy Gorrell, I read your comments about Gyle and I have been looking for the fellow to thank him. He had done an article on my family and I back in 1997 and I wanted to reach out to him again. If you know how to get a hold of him I would like to reach out to him somehow.

    Thank you,


  30. Hi Billy. Gyle was living in Arizona when I heard from him but he mentioned that he was planning on moving to Victoria or Vancouver. I’ll try to find him for you but I can’t guarantee it.

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