12 thoughts on “Abdul Butt Freezes His Butt At The Bell”

  1. Hey Dennis, Maybe these so called protesters should ask themselves,do Franophones wish to play and live in Montreal or Quebec for that matter ,with their high taxes .I always thought that the Idea was to draft ,trade or aquire through free agency,The Best Team Possible.Now don’t get me wrong here,I lived in Quebec when I was younger,my Dad and oldest brother were born there,hence my love for the Habs but, are these people as concerned with the Allouettes,their great football team?Probably not,get with it folks,it’s about the team not what they converse in.

  2. It’s funny Derry but I also thought about the Alouettes, talk about a double standard! Does Tressman speak french? How about Calvillo? Didn’t think so but it doesn’t seem to be a problem even if they are yanks. I’ve said it before this issue is pushed by the french media, some headline grabbing politicians, and a very small part of the team’s fan base. Did everyone notice the nordiques sweaters?

  3. This will all turn out to be a fart in a windstorm if the Habs go on a surge and manage to make it into the playoffs.

    Cunneyworth is slowly introducing a few words of French when he begins his post-game press conferences and usually with a touch of good humour. I think the man is smart and has class and I believe him when he says he is trying to pick up the language and hopes to hold on to the job.

    But first things first. Winning hockey games has to be the number one priority.

  4. What an asshole. That’s all I gotta say about the interviewer. Of course it’s funny, but at the expense of insult. Great editing by the way.

    As far as comparing this issue to football, c’mon guys! Hockey is part of the Quebec culture. Period. If you don’t know why then you don’t really understand the Habs history.

  5. Hey Dennis, I thought about Marjo’s response and figured,hey there is no sense in being upset,these guys doing all the protesting aren;t just unhappy with the Habs and their lack of success on the ice ,but with also with the french language issue that has plaqued ths province for years.The Habs were Quebec’s team until the Nordiques came into the picture and then when Aubut sold out their solidarity returned to Montreal ,which was great ,except now they have brought their political fight into the Bell Centre and mocked the owners,who have supported this team before any of these people were even born.The Montreal people held the Expos very close to their hearts as well,but there was no talk of french speaking coaches or players for that matter.I realize the french are very proud of their heritage,rightly so,but please keep it away from the one solid thing that both french and english can share,Les Habitants.

  6. I really don’t think the interviewer is an asshole. He’s not that bad. Also, considering the abuse that English speaking people have gotten from the French here that I’ve seen in my lifetime, a little teasing isn’t all that bad.

  7. @Marjo, I understand just how much les Canadiens mean to the people of Quebec but I have bled blue blance et rouge now for over 55 years & I have as much passion for Our team as anyone one from what ever part of this country! I think Guy said it best while in Vancouver…. it doesn’t matter if he speaks German, Russian, just as long as we win.
    There are groups throughout this home we call Canada that will jump on an item they think will garner them some undeserved press. I know from many elevator guys I work with from Montreal & their hearts were torn out when the Expo’s moved on. I was born in Hamilton & we were brought up to hate all things Toronto, thats when my love of the Canadiens began, I was six or seven at the time. I’m just saying we know what the team means to you & all Quebecer’s but they mean just as much to me & I’m sure to all DK’s followers, & every Hab’s fan in this country!!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!!

  8. As dj pointed out the people in the video are not Canadiens’ fans, they don’t buy tickets, watch them on TV or even care whether they win or lose. They don’t even care what the coach says, just that he says it fluently in French. This is all language politics, nothing to do with hockey, we fans just have to suffer until it sorts itself out.

    Although an outsider (see Mike for my history) I think the Canadiens are much more than just hockey to the Quebecois. The team in a Toronto / New York controlled league represented the discrimination they felt from the rest of North America. Richard showed them how to stand up and succeed despite the adversity. Basically the Frenchness of the Flying Frenchmen is central to their self identity.

  9. Christopher, I appreciate your passion for our team, I really do. I hope we have a winning team as well and a winning fan base. In this I mean, a happy fan base. If having a bilingual coach appeases our fan base, it’s really no big deal. We have six (is that how many?) Americans on our team, five or six Europeans, Canadians (non-Quebeckers) and two local guys? Three including Louis Leblanc? If this were the American baseball league, how do you think the Americans would feel if over 60% were from the Puerto Rico and elsewhere? I didn’t even check the stats — maybe they are!!! (foot in mouth).

    RC has won 2 games in a row now, too early to predict if this streak is his doing or if they’ll fall apart again. I do stand firm with this: Before Martin was fired, many were saying that we need to hire the BEST coach, regardless of language. Is RC the best? Or are the Anglos holding onto him tightly as a response to the protest in Quebec? I agree that we should give this guy a chance. But I also think that we should have a bilingual coach, one who can say more than bonjour and merci.

    Five out of the eight coaches that brought their teams to the playoffs last year were bilingual. The other two American, and one English-Canadian. I think we will do just fine with selecting a qualified bilingual coach. If he’s a great coach like Bowman who spoke French, this is great too.

    As far as the protest goes, 200 people walking around and not causing any havoc is no problem to me. It’s not like they were rioting. Were they hockey fans? I don’t konw, nor do you. But I think we all agree that extremists from either side are ugly and we don’t want them in sports (or anything else for that matter).

    Lastly, how can anyone with any knowledge about the Habs deny that they are an intricate part of the Quebecois culture? Where do you think the term “Habs” comes from?” There was also a time when a great deal of our players were local and many of us saw them around town, were related to them or had a brother who played with the guy’s brother. Please, before you ever make a comment like that do your research.;)

  10. Christopher, only the first line of my comment was for you, not the rest…and by “our team” I mean you too. Just want to clarify…

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