Aah, The Cool, Sparkling Taste Of DKRSFB

Please see previous post regarding the neccessary steps we must take to stop the madness in Montreal, which means not drinking Molson’s beer.

And if you decide to drink the beer shown below, I hereby take no responsibility for blindness or any other infliction which could occur after swallowing the contents of two bottles or more, and am in no way responsible for bills presented from anyone living in a mental institution of any sort after drinking said beer. The label gives proper warning, so that lets me off the hook.

12 thoughts on “Aah, The Cool, Sparkling Taste Of DKRSFB”

  1. Dennis I have room for this in the Habs bar fridge. How much and do you include the delivery charges? The blindness will be a nice side effect so I don’t have to watch putrid performances like last night’s.

  2. Tyg, you have to have an extra strong fridge. This beer will melt most. But it’s a Habs fridge so it should be okay. Unless it was made this year.

  3. Dennis, after you read this you’ll want to chug that beer right down (hell, I’ll even join you):

    On local sports radio they mentioned a story about our Rene Bourque. Apparently after the game last night he was supposed to be one of the players to be interviewed by the press. They wait and nothing. They’re told it’ll be another ten minutes. Nothing. The PR woman apologized and said she didn’t know where he was.

    Well, he was found alright – in the Dallas Stars’ dressing room laughing it up with the Stars players!

    So PG traded egomaniac Cammy for a real jerk in Rene. And we’re stuck with this guy for a couple of years. Thanks Gauthier. God he needs to be fired.

  4. Darth, that’s terrible. Henri Richard should tune him in. There’s something about Bourque I can’t put my finger in. A few weeks ago the coach told him to get on the ice and he was daydreaming and didn’t hear him. The player beside him had to tell him it was his turn.

  5. I just read a comment on the most recent post in HIO. The person mentioned the rumour that Hammer is not happy in Washington and suggested we trade him back to us for Gomez down to Wash.


    Does management or any hired individual periodically go through blogs to see what’s being said? Because wow, that’s the finest deal I can think of!!

  6. Marjo, the problem is, Washington probably wouldn’t be all that crazy about giving Gomez 7.5 million. And I don’t blame them.

  7. I’m thinking of Gomez and my thoughts are not happy thoughts. He makes tons of money and still gets played on the ice. With JM and now with RC, too. Fair to say that RC sat him but he’s back and still sucks. What kind of message does this send to the team?

    Our guys don’t think like a team and act like a team and why should they when there is clear proof that you can be overpaid, under-perform and not be penalized for it?

    I think Gomez is the cancer on the team. We need to get rid of him.

  8. That’s for sure, Marjo. He needs to go as soon as possible. Too much money, not enough of anything in return. One of the biggest problems this year in a year of problems.

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