A Win Over The Flames Would Be A Big Flaming Deal

It’s a big game for the Habs when the Calgary Flames visit Tuesday, if only for the fact that Calgary is sporting an excellent 10-4-1 record so far and is a fine test for the sometimes good, sometimes bad Canadiens.

Montreal has hovered around the .500 mark ever since game 1 when Andrei Markov went down, and they can bring it back to that, as they’re now sitting at 8 wins and 9 losses. So it’s time to pound the Flames and pay them back for handing the good guys their first loss of the year in game 3 of the season, a game Montreal could have won with a few extra bounces.

In fact, the loss was the beginning of a horrendous west coast swing that saw them destroyed 7-1 in Vancouver the following night. I’m still considering therapy for that one. And as bad as Habs fans felt that night, don’t forget those images of Carey Price’s dad and mom in the stands. 

After that, they capped it off with a 3-2 loss in Edmonton.

All in all, it was a really lousy road trip.

A big night by the Montreal Canadiens would go a long way in instilling a good, winning spirit before they take to the road to meet the Phoenix Coyotes and Nashville Predators on Thursday and Saturday respectively.

And I suppose we can’t really complain about .500 hockey, considering the absence of Markov and Ryan O’Byrne, and the implosion of Andrei Kostitsyn. And half the team was replaced and it takes time to gel with new teammates, not to mention new coaches and new system. 

Many of us have said it would take until the new year to see the real Montreal Canadiens, so if they can maintain a solid win-loss record until then, then I’m reasonably happy. Although a .750 record would work better, but I’m trying not to be greedy.

5 thoughts on “A Win Over The Flames Would Be A Big Flaming Deal”

  1. And Kostitsyn is slowly playing better. Yes it’s not hard considering how poorly he played before, but he no longer deserves to be scratched now. He’s due for an explosion.

  2. Kostitsyn is playing slightly better. Skating better, getting the odd chance. Maybe it’s little by little. And thanks for the YouTube clip, Christopher. I don’t understand how you found it. I looked several times.

  3. In my opinion, we desperately need solid secondary scoring. One line just won’t cut it. What if Gainey and JM burried the hatchet with Sergei and put him on a line with his brother along with Metro or Plekanec? What would he have to lose? If it works it could be the key to kick-starting a streak of W’s and take pressure off Price who is in a tough spot because the team is not giving him much more than one or two goals a game to work with.
    That’s one of many possibilities, but clearly some adjustment is needed.
    I want nice firm Jello and soon. No more of this runny slushy stuff.
    On defense, Jay Leach will have his debut, and Halak will be in nets.
    As well, it appears that tonight will feature those green and red vintage uniforms from 1910 with the maple leaf crest and the gothic “C”.
    The Habs sported the maple leaf long before Toronto adopted the symbol.
    Wouldn’t it be great if the Habs wore these outfits next time they play the leafs?
    Great piece on the history of this and how it all connects to the Canadian flag from Habs Eyes on the Prize:


    And Dennis, I agree. A win against the flames would be a huge morale boost…


  4. Danno, I’m all for giving Sergei another chance. Absolutely. Maybe only one good shot and if he fails, goodbye forever. I’m also not fussy about these old sweaters. I was always proud that Montreal didn’t have a third jersey like other teams, and I really dislike the barber-pole ones. All I want is the same one we’ve known and loved for all these years and forget about these old ones. I want the CH and nothing else. And I want the big CH’s back at centre ice as soon as possible too.

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