A Win In Ottawa Means Much

If the Habs can sock it to the Senators tonight in Ottawa, they will catapult themselves right into seventh place, tied with those same Ottawans.

It was only the other day the Canadiens were in twelfth, so seventh is a nice, tidy little spot to be.

7 thoughts on “A Win In Ottawa Means Much”

  1. I live in Ottawa, have been for 6 years, and I still can’t understand why anybody would want to be a Senators fan.

    I’m goin to the game tonight with some of the folks from the Gazette’s HI/O community. We’ll see if a little vocal and passionate support from some mysterious interweb personalities can be a difference maker for the Habs tonight.

    Go Habs Go! Light Elliot up like a christmas tree (or menorah if that’s more your thing)!

  2. Subdoxastic, You’re probably at the game now, so I hope you’re having a blast. I lived in Ottawa too and many of my old friends who were big Habs fans became Sens fans. I’ve never forgiven them for that.

  3. Hope all the Habs fans in Ottawa start chanting Elllliiiiiot….. in their best E.T. tone of voice. That should help. I’m counting on you Subdo.

  4. I don’t understand it, but I too have noticed that many ex-Hab fans in Ottawa have discarded their allegiances to the Canadiens and become Sens fans. What’s even worse, is that my Ottawa friends who grew up as Leaf fans have remained such. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    But tomorrow I get to walk around with a big grin on my face, so I’m happy.

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