A Whale Of A Sign

I saw four whales at work the other day, spouting water high into the air and diving under with their big tails following their huge bodies into the drink, and I know what it means.

Other than I’m a lucky guy for seeing this mesmorizing sight, I think it’s a sign that the Bruins won’t win their tenth straight tonight. Ten straight. Gimme a break. Or the Leafs, now in second place in the east with 26 points (behind Pittsburgh with 27), are about to fall back to earth with a thud any day now. Leafs in second place. Gimme another break.

Maybe it means that Toronto’s Phil Kessel, with the most points in the league with 30, and his teammate Joffrey Lupul in 2nd with 26, are about to be suspended after being busted for cross-dressing at a Hell’s Angel party..

Isn’t it an old native proverb, that when four whales are sighted at Saltery Bay ferry terminal, some on top must soon fall hard and heavy?

I hope it also means the Habs beat Carolina tonight, because as lacklustre as the Hurricanes have looked lately, they’re only two points behind Montreal. Imagine, Carolina is in second-last place in the east and are only two points behind the Habs.

We should expect a big game from Erik Cole tonight as he returns to his previous place of employment. But lately we’ve been getting big games from this guy every night, so it should come as no surprise. And I still wonder why Jacques Martin didn’t seem overly-enthusiastic about Cole in the beginning, giving him minimal ice time on the power play and such. The guy’s a star, and even if he had a slightly slow start, Martin’s seen him around the league for years and should have known what this player can bring to the table.

But Jacques knows now. I guess he was given a sign.

5 thoughts on “A Whale Of A Sign”

  1. I think the rumor mill says that Cole showed up out-of-shape and that’s why he was in the doghouse. I don’t know if that’s true or not but who knows really. What I do hope is that Martin realizes that Cole has got talent and awards him with more ice-time instead of giving more to Gomez! Yeah go with the guy who scores once an ice age over Cole. Makes sense.

    The whales could mean Vancouver will tank and tank hard or the Hartford Whalers are coming back.

    That Boston game might get ugly tonight. But I think they’ll win. Breaks my heart but it feels that way.

  2. Darth, Hal Gill’s back tonight and Markov is cleared for contact practices. And Gomez has been cleared to take a dog sled back to Alaska.

  3. If only he’d go Dennis.

    On local radio today they had a hockey expert on (Normand Flynn) again and he said it’s time for Gomez to go. He said that Gomez probably is just going through the motions now (even more so than before) and it’s probably hell on earth for him here. He mentioned that it must drive him nuts not being able to leave his house without hearing wiseass remarks and the like.

    One more year (this one) of Scott and hopefully he’s gone.

    I can’t wait for Markov to come back. I just hope he lasts and doesn’t get hurt again.

  4. Darth, now the guy’s hurt again. Whatever happened to that promise he promised us? That he’d be much better this year, that he was embarrassed about last year and it wouldn’t happen again. Cripes, he’s worse than last year.

  5. Dennis I think the guy just can’t cut it. Hey may do better elsewhere but he will never come across here with anything. The pressure will never leave him and as time goes by it just gets worse. He may go elsewhere and flourish but I doubt it.

    They wanted to get rid of him in New York because he wasn’t working out there, he doesn’t work out here either, so maybe a move to a small market like Phoenix would help because he wouldn’t have any pressure?

    In the pre-season he looked ok. Not too bad and I thought maybe he had changed but nope, As soon as the season started he was right back to his old self. I kind of figured his promise was an empty one and sadly that was the case.

    He needs to go because he’ll never have any success here. Even if we won the Cup, and he’s on this team when it happens? I will be so mad about that.

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