A Ton Of, Burp – Potato Chips And Jello

These complete sets of 1961-62 and 62-63 hockey coins weren’t bought through eBay or anywhere else. These were lovingly collected by me buying lots of Shirriff potato chips and wheeling and dealing with them in the schoolyard, plus my mom chipping in by stocking up on serious amounts of Jello.

But hockey coins weren’t the only thing I went after. Around this time, car coins also made an appearance, and although I don’t have the complete set or holder, I have many of them and I love them. These coins feature  cars from the beginning, from the late 1800’s up to the flashy 1960’s cars, and I can hardly wait to pass them down.

Below, the 1961-62 NHL set with the shields and after that, the 1962-63 set which were metal instead of plastic but didn’t offer shields to put them in.

Last but not least, the car coins, which came out in 1961 and were collected after eating piles of Jello, dozens and dozens of bags of Hostess potato chips, and once again, wheeling and dealing in the schoolyard.

12 thoughts on “A Ton Of, Burp – Potato Chips And Jello”

  1. Hey Dennis, What the hell,trading Cedric Dejardins for Kari Rammo,I dont understand.I thought that Dejardins was a future in which the Habs had some use for.I can only hope that this was a good move,I just dont understand.

  2. I think it has to be a ploy for Price to sign. Now he has no competition in the organization whatsoever, unless Meyer is really that good, but I doubt it.

  3. Looking for information on 1961-62 Detroit Red Wings Coin #63. Who is the player and does anyone have the coin for sale.
    Also looking for the coin #40 for the Chicago black Hawks o the same season, as well as the mounting shields for the Black Hawks, Leafs, and Canadiens. Thanks. Please reply to pmuth@xplorent.com

  4. Hi Peter,
    Chicago #40 is coach Rudy Pilous. Detroit #63 is Vic Stasiuk. Unfortunately, the email address you supplied doesn’t work

  5. Hey there.
    I was wondering where I can get the team sheilds that hold the coins for the 1961-62 sheriff coin set. Or should I just make them?

  6. They show up online from time to time, Dennis, but it’s rare to see them without the coins. To find shields on their own is tough. Making them might be a cool idea, but if you want to try to find the real thing, start watching on eBay or go to the Classic Auctions website http://www.classicauctions.net/ and watch for them in future auctions.

  7. Dont for get the airplane coins. We had complete sets. Also sent labels from Billy Bee Corn syrup and get autographed hockey pictures

  8. Hi Allan. Yes, I had airplane coins too. And presently I have about 70 Bee Hive Habs photos from the Group 2 (1945-64) series. So many cool things back then.

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