A Tired Team Triumphs

They were a tired bunch that skated out for the third period, leading by a goal but with the gas gauge way below empty.

They’d played the night before, and two nights before that. The other team hadn’t played since Saturday. And the other team was good, and leading the division.

And of course you know how it ended. The Montreal Canadiens blocked shots, relied on Carey Price, got lucky, held on, did what they had to do, and that late second period goal by Max Pacioretty became the winner and the Habs now find themselves in the Atlantic Division penthouse after taking the slow but sure elevator up for the past three weeks.

It makes my heart soar like a souped-up Snowbird.

Random Notes:

Praying that Johnny Boychuk is okay. The Edmonton-born Bruins forward was rammed hard into the end boards by Max Pacioretty and taken off on a stretcher. And although Max was given a two minute boarding penalty, I watched the replay twice afterwards and truly feel it wasn’t nastiness on Max’s part. It was a hockey play that went bad in a big way.

We need Boychuk back, Bruin or not. I’m sure the guy has a nice young family, and he and them and everyone close to him must be going through quite a time right now.

I’m hoping to wake up tomorrow morning and hear that’s he’s fine.

The Bruins had taken a 1-0 lead in the first but Tomas Plekanec found the short side in the second, and then Max fired a backhand that would’ve made the Rocket proud, and which would ultimately sink the Bruins.

Brandon Prust has been feisty lately, has turned his leadership dial up another notch, as we see on 24 CH, and on this night tangled with rugged Shawn Thornton in a bit of a slow motion bout. Two cool and calm customers adjusting their pads and jerseys and making things just right before grabbing on and getting the odd punch in.

George Parros might as well have not even dressed. Or maybe just his presence kept things in check.

Boston outshot the Canadiens 33-27.

Next up – Saturday, when the Canadiens host the Sabres. Not sure yet but Luci and I just may be there.

6 thoughts on “A Tired Team Triumphs”

  1. Oh Dennis I hope you get to go! Be sure to visit the museum and take the tour of the Bell, and if you go to the museum on game day you get 15% off at the Habs Zone store!

  2. never seen the game but seems
    Price was excellent last night—do I hears anyone suggest ” Price stole the game for us?” Glad for him AND us,he had a chance to bail out his weary mates. Coach Julien never had ill words for Pacioretty about the hit, so it MUST have been a clean hit. Over-all, I’m more happy then after the last win!!

  3. My Twitter feed “blew up” with angry tweets from Bruins fans claiming that the MaxPac hit was dirty, that the would get revenge, etc., etc. Sorry, I watched the hit more times than I can count, and unlike the Chara hit, which received no suspension at all (can’t forget that different rules apply to the Bruins, and I’m still sure that that has NOTHING to do with the fact that Colin Campbell’s son plays for the Bruins), this WAS a “hockey play”. It must have driven the Boston fans nuts when MaxPac scored the game-winner.

    Obviously, I’m thrilled that the Canadiens won the game. I have to ask this again, though–does the NHL schedule-maker have it in for Montreal? How many times this season have the Habs played back-to-back games, with the second game against a rested team? Last night was particularly aggravating; as you noted, Dennis, the Bruins hadn’t played since last weekend, and the Canadiens were playing their third game in four nights.

  4. Hey Dennis, The hit was clean, bad way to go into the boards but no intention on Maxies part. Carey played another great game and deserved to be named first star.I think now they need some rest and relaxing for a couple of days , hope Luci and yourself get to see them live tomorrow.

  5. Unbelievable winning streak. We can’t let the bottom-feeders beat us this Saturday. Dennis, how about a visual of the yellow stuff??

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