A Story To Try And Take Your Mind Off Our Goalie

I’m just going to sit back and let the Carey Price situation work its own way out. It’s too early to know how it will all play out, and I’ve got other things to be concerned with –  like how to retire without money.

Whatever happens, happens. Either the young goalie will get it together and be a fine stopper for years to come, or not. And yes it’s only the first preseason game of a long season and like Price himself says, we all need to chill.

I’m chilling. But if only we could have seen an astonishing improvement from him in that preseason tilt, which we didn’t.

Now we just have to do what’s best for our nervous system and say whatever will be, will be.

In the meantime;

Many of you know that Marlene Geoffrion, wife on the great Bernie ‘Boom Boom’ Geoffrion, is the daughter of Howie Morenz, and she was just three when her famous father died. But to take it one step further, after Morenz passed away in hospital from something related to a broken leg or broken heart, his wife Mary, Marlene’s mom, quickly blew through the insurance money she received and eventually the Canadiens had to hold a benefit night for her at the Forum just so she could buy groceries and pay the rent.

Marlene, still a very young girl, was placed in an orphanage for three long years.

Eventually, Mary married a millionaire and little Marlene was able to come home. But Mary died at forty-one of alcoholism as she continued to suffer from the death of her beloved Howie.

There. Carey who?

27 thoughts on “A Story To Try And Take Your Mind Off Our Goalie”

  1. Wow that is one of the saddest Habs related stories I’ve ever read. Nice perspective Dennis. There are more important things in life to worry about than a silly exhibition hockey game. And a lot more history to this team than I realized, off-ice as well as on.

  2. I skipped all the sad parts. I concentrated on how mother married a millionaire and daughter married a Canadien star.

  3. Hey Dennis, A sad story indeed,I didnt know that Mrs. Morenz had a problem with alcohol,terrible ending.Carey Price is correct in saying chill out.Hey those fans in Montreal(not all of them mind you) are a pretty fickle bunch. I say lets stand behind our goaltender,lets keep in mind that we are only in the exhibition part of the season and not to get excited.You know that if they keep this bullshit up Carey is going to ask for a trade,and then we will be right back to square one.Bob Gainey tried to unfocus the attention on Price but it never really caught on.Carey is a very talented guy,a great goalie who has proven in more ways then one just how good he is,lets give him our support,like a real teamate would.

  4. Hi Derry. I understand everyone’s panic – we gave up Halak and really haven’t seen Price do much yet, and this debacle on Wednesday happened. Just hope it all gets ironed out and we end up with a happy ending.

  5. habs only scored 2 goals last night. that’s as much or more of a problem than the goalie having a shitty game. you are not going to win many games scoring only 2 goals………………………………. put the freakin’ puck in the net and chill on the goalie.

  6. And Hobo, that’s been an ongoing problem. Every so often when the stars and planets are aligned, the Habs will score five or more. But it’s rarer than a 1936 dot penny. Almost.

  7. The Bruins also have cause for concern. Remember how they got tossed out of the playoffs last year by blowing a 3-0 series lead against the Flyers? And then in game seven they failed to hold a 3-0 lead in that final game.
    On Wednesday, Rask was very solid. Had he not been as solid it could have been a completely different story. When that shot from Montreal hit not one but two posts (I forgert who it was) only to bounce out we came very close to having a game changing goal. And we outshot the Bruins 38-16 if I recall correctly. That tells me that the Bruins have problems with a porous defence that cannot hold a lead.
    I’m sure there were Bruins fans shaking their heads in the third period saying “Here we go again.”
    So, in spite of our monomania towards Price, the Bruins were very lucky to win that game.
    If the above is any indication, then all we need to succeed is for Price to play well. He doesn’t even need to be spectacular or miraculous. The team will take care of the rest.

  8. You’re right, Danno. The Habs, if they can stay away from personal slumps, get a couple of guys going, and stay healthy, have a very nice team. Price basically needs to not let in too many of those killers, the ones that deflate a team after they’ve been outplaying the other. I also agree with Hobo that they won’t do much if they don’t score more than two goals.

  9. Dennis, as usual, you really inform us about the history of the Habs. What a story. Glad to see Marlene and Mary were reunited. Wasn’t Mr. Morenz waked at the Forum?

  10. Re Alignment of Stars and Planets

    So much rests on these matters. Chelsea won the English Premier League and FA Cup Double for the first time in their history last season because I had the foresight to stop getting my hair cut during a critical period a couple of months before the end of the season. The Double completed, I was able to return to my previous tonsorial arrangements with a clear conscience.

    Now the good new for Habs fans is that due to my sister visiting Toronto recently, a tin of of maple syrup, not just any tin but one of Granby’s finest,


    now resides in my fridge. The key here is that it is in my fridge and not the kitchen cupboard where it was on Wednesday night.

    It has been opened.

    It wasn’t open when we lost to the Bruins.

    All the magic and goodness is now pervading the known universe.

    The Senators are in deep doodoo.

    I think it would need to be at least a 1 litre tin to guarantee the Stanley Cup, but it should be enough for another play off spot.

    Does anyone know if Carey Price is putting this in his morning bowl of porridge? If not that’s a serious oversight by the support staff. And if he’s not having porridge every morning that’s even more serious (Martin can’t be blamed for every detail).

    Porridge or not I fear Carey’s goal tending could be a bone of contention all season, because even when he does well, one bad game will bring it all back into focus.

    (Thankfully my sister had the nous not to return with any Leafs related toot for the children. But sadly no Habs stuff for me either)

  11. He was, Diane. A packed house at the Forum. Many who played against Morenz said he was an unbelievable player. I had a few beers once in Ottawa with his linemate and friend Aurel Joliat and then I drove him home after. When he was telling me about Morenz he got very emotional. And also about Morenz, it was very unusual to go into a hospital with a broken leg and die. It was slightly mysterious.
    Marlene was a figure skater, and son Danny was a Hab for a short while. And Boom Boom was a great player who played the point on the power play because of his big shot. He and Doug Harvey, with the Rocket, Moore and Beliveau as the power play unit, with Jacques Plante in goal. It wasn’t fair to the other team. And a rule came out it. They were so dangerous that the rule was changed whereby the penalized player came back on the ice if a goal was scored. They were the cause of the the new rule because they would score often with the man in the box.

  12. Hey Dennis,It’s only preseason as of yet,no time for excitement just now,lets see what comes of all this,like you said ,in the ending.Heading south today after work.Will be on the Island sunday

  13. Blue Bayou, we’re all banking on your maple syrup for this season so if doesn’t work, please send your sister back to Toronto for a fresh batch. And I’m not sure about Price putting it on his porridge but I think it’s very possible that Canuck goalie Roberto Luongo puts it on his hair. And one last thing – how did customs let your sister back into the UK with no Habs stuff? I thought it was law that all Brits must buy Habs stuff while in Canada. Has this changed?

  14. Maybe I’ll see you at Saltery Bay, Derry. It all depends on my shifts. I’m doing a lot of graveyards right now.

  15. Wake up Jan…Dennis has once again mentioned your team…

    Here’s to a better season, than what the pre-season has shown us thus far.

  16. Don;t give up Dennis, maybe you can still marry a millionaire, maybe take a second wife.

    What I find funny is the Bruins Drew Carey backup making close to $5 M per year for a few years. Now that makes me forget our minor glitch with Price. I recommend Dryden fly in from Ottawa and give Carey a 101 crash course in communications.

  17. I’m of two minds. One, happy that hockey is back . The other, oh crap here we go again with the goalie crap. It’s gonna be a long long season. *sigh*

  18. Dennis #13

    By concealing large amounts of Class A drugs about her person, she preoccupied local officials to the point where they completely forgot to make sure she had brought the requisite quantities of Habs merchandise to the country. They didn’t buy her story that as a nurse, she was bringing it in for medicinal purposes.

    Despite us being close and the fact she brought me such fine Maple Syrup, I can’t condone this cavalier disregard for the law. A couple of Canadiens sweatshirts was all it would have taken to keep her out of jail.

    On a more serious note, the circumstances of Howie Morenz’s death never stop being something of a shock. Having broken my leg to the point where it needed a “nail” as they call it from knee to ankle I can see how having suffered a much worse injury could lead to complications we might avoid in this day and age, let alone perhaps less sophisticated pain control leaving the body with all sorts of stresses. After all with anti-biotics and the like not available, infections were likely to do more damage then than now.

    But there’s also the heart break angle. Could that really have happened.? As a father you always want to believe that the love of your children would keep you going on. However, it’s not something you’d ever want to have tested.

    By the way, having really enjoyed your scrap book and also HEOTP’s film archive series during the off season, it always strikes me how some of these athletes look nothing like the modern concept of the sporting superstar.

    Howie looks more like a guy who would have knocked on the door to sell you insurance back in the day.

  19. Blue Bayou, I think somewhere along the line, maybe in the forties or fifties, people not only began to look differently but also speak differently. They stopped talking like in those old newsreels. I wonder what happened. Maybe it’s something to do with the way they combed their hair and wore spats and tight collars and then they stopped. Is it possible that if we started wearing spats and tight collars we might start speaking like Al Capone again?
    Howie Morenz would have been an excellent insurance salesman, mostly because of his blinding speed. He could probably cover several blocks before the rest of us finished with one house. I just think the handle is perfect – “Howie Morenz, legendary insurance salesman.”

  20. Hi Moey. I know the goalie thing has bothered you a lot. It bothers me too. We just want it all to settle down and have a great season. But will it happen?

  21. That’s is funny, Mayo. Must hurt their cap a little. But Thomas was good two years ago. I’m hoping the Bruins have all kinds of trouble so this is good.

  22. Hi Danno, this post at Robert’s was written by Chris Boyle who is quite a goalie authority. It’s really well done.

  23. Ooops. Sorry about that. And yes, Dennis it is really a great piece on just how hard it is to please the Montreal hockey fan.
    Imagine, they even booed Dryden.

  24. Danno, sometimes I think many of these fans boo because they feel they have to live up to the image. Maybe they say to themselves – People everywhere think Habs fans are an emotional and hard-to-please bunch so I’m going to prove it. I don’t think many of these folks are true fans, just partiers. Fakes. True fans are folks such as you and others – smart, mature, and hope like hell the team can win. It’s enough to be that.

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