A Stick Boy Of Olympic Proportions

Seeing Olympians in different sports being the best that they can be inspires me more than ever to commit to being the greatest Habs stick boy in the history of the game. I know there’s a level of excellence to be achieved, and I know what needs to be done.

I want to have that new stick ready for the player the very second he breaks his old one, so he doesn’t lose his stride. I want to focus on having the sticks lined up in alphabetical order, with every stick standing perfect with the next.

I want to get to know the sticks, learn their curves and nuances, have a keen eye  for slight cracks and flaws, so that I’ll best be able to serve the players, which in turn makes the team better. A good stick boy is good for a goal a game.

I also want to have my own room on road trips because if I’m kept awake at night by someone snoring, I won’t be well-rested and it will affect my target of being the best stick boy the team has ever had.

And don’t worry. When I make it to the show I’ll still talk to you and even give you a wave if you’re at a game.

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