A Sorry Night In Habsland

Leafs 5, Habs 4.

So much for the fun and games in Vancouver just two days ago. It’s like coming down hard after a big night of crystal meth.

Two days ago the Canadiens received stellar goaltending from Carey Price throughout. Tonight? Umm. Let’s just say Alex Auld is probably a fine and decent man, one you would be proud to have your sister go out with, one you would hang out and play some pool with.

I would just prefer if he played for Boston.

Two of Toronto’s first three goals were extremely weak deals with Auld manning the pipes before being replaced by Carey Price. But it’s not Auld’s fault, it’s Montreal management’s for not scouting the guy properly in the first place. All they had to do was ask me and a couple of million others and we’d tell them that this isn’t the guy to back up Price, and this isn’t the guy to force a million bucks on to play maybe ten games in the entire season.

If I was Auld, I’d take the money too.

Do I have to say nice things about the officiating? Scott Cherrey and Brad Kovachik sent guys to the box for chewing their mouth guards the wrong way. Or, like Auld, maybe it’d not their fault either. Maybe we should look at the NHL director of officiating Terry Gregson for ordering his refs to call everything they can think of so the game will become slower and hockey fans in the deep south will be able to follow the game better.

Why don’t I just blame most of the Canadiens? They did manage four goals which hasn’t happened since they popped six in Boston while losing 8-6. But in general, they were quite a sad sack bunch and as much as I was proud of them in Vancouver, I’m not at all with them now and I hope their wives make them sleep in the garage or the tent in the backyard, or maybe a Motel 6 out by Ste. Hyacinthe.

Nobody, I’m sure – me, you, their wives, their dogs, the neighbours, even bill collectors – wants to see them right now.

Random Notes:

Carolina pays a visit on Saturday.

Regular reader Mike Williamson lost 20 bucks on this game to his Leaf fan co-worker.

Shots on goal – 35-28 Habs.

Montreal goal scorers – No, not Scott Gomez of course. They were Jeff Halpern, Mike Cammalleri, Wiz, and Max Pacioretty.

24 thoughts on “A Sorry Night In Habsland”

  1. Hey Dennis,What can a person say?Five out of seven on the powerplay,I said as I watched ,the refs are ruining this,what could have been a very good game as I was surely hoping for.Bettman calls the shots,the Habs were destined to lose as he will have a say in who wins the cup.That is my feelings anyways,there is now way they had to call that many penalties.On another track,the guy who lost five bucks to me on tuesday for betting on the Canucks,bet me that said Canucks would win the cup before Habs,I look to win 100 dollars in the near future.

  2. Derry, the amount of borderline calls we see is out of control. I think players are afraid to even touch a guy now, especially in a close game. The officials and their supervisors need to re-think their way of doing things. What a way to ruin a great sport.

  3. – reffing sucked big time
    – I couldn’t fault Auld. Hamrlik had a chance to clear behind the net but gave it away and the guy went to the front. Auld was caught off guard. Goals on Carey were just as weak as Auld’s goals. Hamrlik is our worst defender. Cannot keep the puck in side on the PP, isn’t physical. I like Mara much better because of his physical presence. No D-men stood out tonight, including PK. Hamrlik had assistrs but his weak play did us in. And his penalty (s) didn’t help.
    – Lord please tell PG to trade Hamrlik AND Gomez as they both suck.
    – ANd trade J Martin while you are at it.

  4. One solution would be to send Auld down to Hamilton and bring up Curtis Sanford as he is doing well and deserves a shot. Having Auld sit for 10+ games between games is not good. A competent coach (and maybe GM) should know this.

  5. Hamrlik played 28.5 minutes, Wisniewski 25 minutes. Is Picard injured? Why is he warming the press box?

  6. Derry, it seems the refs are having way too many bad games. We’ve always bragged that North Americans are better refs than Europeans but look at what;s happening. Way too many bad games.

  7. Hey Dennis,It was once thought that the nhl had the superior refs of all hockey.This is a falacy as minor hockey has some good refs out there.You know after every game the complaint is always the same,the refs screwed up .When will the friggin league understand that they are screwing up the game ,or is that the plan.

  8. I;m not sure why, Derry, that refs are acting like this now. They’re calling the silliest penalties and it’s not right. But Montreal must learn better discipline. Stay out of the box. But I know it’s tricky when the refs call penalties for breathing too hard.

  9. I seem to remember being surprised a while back when a commentator mentioned that the referees are given a dossier on each player prior to the game, much in the same way that teams prepare info on the opposition.

    The reason I was surprised was that I felt this would perhaps pre-dispose refs to look at certain games and certain players in a particular way. I also wondered who prepared the file? Is there a standars format? Are teams or players allowed to see the contents?

    It seemed to go against natural justice as it were. The ref is supposed to judge on what unfolds and not come with preconceived ideas surely. (obviuosly human nature being what it is this can never be 100% true).

    Now in English football I’m not aware of this practice. Certainly referees will officiate the same players on several occasions through the season. They also visit training to brief on rule changes, interpretations etc. There are times when some clubs, particularly clubs coming up the the EPL from the lower dividions feel that the senior refs are too matey with the big team’s players.

    But that is different to reading a brief on a player. Sure, they know who is who and where trouble might come from, but if they are being encouraged to look at players not known as “violent” or “physical” but who someone has analysed as being inclined to hold, or hook etc. this might give rise to these “over-refereeing problems”. Particulalrly if refs are marked down for not heeding the “advice” in the dossier.

    Maybe the commentator was talking nonsense. Anyone got any ideas about that?

  10. Where is the NHL Player’s Association in all this talk about the refs? I would think the NHLPA would have a vested interested in these reffing biases. I feel there is a Bettman conspiracy where he wants certain teams to win to boost NHL ratings. I would think some players are penalized resulting in them being demoted to minors and earning less money. The NHLPA should pull its head out of its ass and speak up or negotiate a better situation. But then again, players aren’t the most educated, only the most popular get elected to executive positions. Screwy system they’ve dug themselves into. Why I continue to support hockey baffles me. Probably because it is entertaining, frustrating, etc, just like golf.

  11. There was a difference of 2 minutes in penalties called between the two teams. Which was the wrong call-goalie interference against Toronto or delay of game for shooting the puck over the glass by Montreal?

  12. or hooking call on Brian Gionta when all he did was lift Toronto players stick? Or non-calls on boarding shots taken by Paccioretty and one other Hab player, maybe Plekanecsi? Or the non-roughing call on Komisarek on Pouiliot. Habs’ Moen was penalized for going after Komi.

    The calls on Hamrlik were warranted as he is slow-footed.

  13. Yes, Beatnik, you’re missing the point. Way too often players are sent off for simply touching someone. I know you probably don’t get RDS and so don’t see all the Habs games but you would see if you did the amount of crazy non-penalties called against this team.

  14. Blue Bayou, a couple of years ago a basketball referee was jailed for betting on games and he wrote a book after the shit hit the fan. He talks in there about how refs are swayed by owners and in certain arenas to be hard or not so hard on players. It was really the first time, I think, when an official has come forward like that and said what many thought – that there’s bias from time to time. It could be for many different reasons and who knows why Montreal is being singled out.

  15. My goodness Montreal fans,all this whining over a lose to the lowly Leafs in their 44th year of rebuilding…Some cracks in your armour are showing..

  16. Leaf Fan, we lost on purpose. We want the Leafs in the playoffs so the road to the Stanley Cup will be much easier for the Habs. We just whine to make it look good. And I’ve missed you and you have no excuse for being away.

  17. Sorry about disappearing Dennis as you must remember I am a Leaf fan and

    I occasionally drift off into months of “Dave Keon” dreamscapes of the 4 cups

    of the 1960’s….

    Sorry for helping the Bruins with Kaberle but we needed the 1st round pick to add to the other 1st King Burky got for Veersteg to make up for the lost picks for our budding super star Phil (The thrill) Kessel… Did you catch that bullet over Auld’s shoulder last Thursday …

    Canadiens are interesting this year… very fast team but I think depend on Price a bit to much … You should have got monster Penner from Edmonton ..he would been a great fit …..

  18. Leaf Fan, Dave Keon was a great player but he wore a big honkin fur coat when he came back to Toronto for a ceremony several years ago. And Punch Imlach was a bully coach. Anyway – yeah, thanks for the Kaberle thing. Are Burke and the Bruins having an affair? Seems like it. Like they’re going steady. Penner is such a nice size for a goal scorer but like Danno mentioned, he can be hot and cold. So I guess it comes down to this – we’re going to have to win the Cup with what we have. I don’t see the problem.

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