A Solid Point In Boston. Habs In Playoffs While Sending A Message To The Bruins.

classic-big_feature1You can’t really blame the off-ice officials in Boston for being so confused all evening with the timekeeping and players’ penalties and that fancy computer in the penalty box. After all, they normally don’t see many fights and messy scrums much anymore. But tonight was old-school – a good, old-fashioned hate-on between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins. Just like it used to be. The officials were caught off-guard by all this, I guess.

In the end, the Bruins won the game 5-4 in overtime and the Bruins’ faithful went home happy. (That last sentence makes me gag). But regardless, Boston and their fans knew they were in a dog-fight, the Canadiens are in the playoffs by gaining this single point, and the Bruins might want to hope they don’t meet the Habs in the first round. This is not a one-sided story, even though the Bruins won the east this year. If they meet, don’t get too cocky, Boston fans.

Montreal outshot Boston 39-33, and they had their chances to be sure. In many ways it was a classic night, featuring two original six teams, one of which is a classy outfit from Quebec, and the other one. The Canadiens came back from being down 3-1 to lead 4-3 in the third. Both goalies (Carey Price And Tim Thomas) were great. Mathieu Schneider returned from his upper body woes and scored. Alex Kovalev notched his 26th of the year. Matt D’Agostine had two. And Milan Lucic was annoying as can be and makes me hope someone will soon do some knuckle surgery on that nose of his. And what a nose it is. I’ve seen smaller ski jumps.

Random Notes:

My friend Diane, a proud Bostonian, was at the game tonight. Diane’s a Bruins fan. So are two of her sisters. But another sister, Nancy, is a Habs fan, and when the Canadiens win, she phones Diane and sings ‘”Oh Canada.”

For three straight games, Alex Kovalev, a left-handed shot, has fired from the right side into the enemy’s net. Think who else used to do that. The Rocket. A left-handed shot playing right wing. Two different players though. Just thought I’d mention it.

Two mistakes by the Habs were the story. Mathieu Dandenault shooting the puck over the glass in which Chara scored shortly after. And Maxim Lapierre getting bumped off the puck in overtime which led to the winner by Mark Recchi. But these things happen. I was proud of the Canadiens tonight.

2 thoughts on “A Solid Point In Boston. Habs In Playoffs While Sending A Message To The Bruins.”

  1. I felt like I was back in the 1980s! The refs totally had no idea what to do. I half expected to see a young Patrick Roy jump the Bs coach to go beat someone up in the hallway.

    Les Canadiens Sont Là! WOOOOOO~!

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