A Small Gift For Bruins Fans

If there’s one thing that would cause smoke to billow from Bruin fans’ heads, it would be the idea of Bobby Orr in a Habs uniform. That would just suck.

So I emailed my multi-talented stepson in St. Petersburg, Russia and asked him, because I’m a rotten bastard, if he could put Bobby in Habs colours.

Here’s what he sent. And Bobby, dream all you want, but you can’t have number four. It’s taken.

11 thoughts on “A Small Gift For Bruins Fans”

  1. Dennis,

    That’s very good.

    The wearing of helmets has meant that we are no longer treated to such precision combing of the hair parting and liberal use of hair oil, or is it pomade?

  2. Hi Dennis, nice work by your stepson. Now, can he do the same work and try to apply a brain to Don Cherry? Let me know if this is too big a challenge with such a small amount of space?

    Dennis, some time ago, someone posted websites that webcast NHL games live. Can someone re-post these sites? I have someone in the hosiptal who may not have access to a hospital TV set and may miss such a big game. He is in ICU and a huge cancuks fan.

  3. Mayo, one of the biggest links for games has been removed I think. Hopefully someone can help you here.

  4. Mayo, Don Cherry won’t need a brain after seeing this. His head will explode. Dennis I see a lot of potential Wizard of Oz jokes in there, no brains, no heart, no courage, a munchkin.

    All games that the CBC broadcast, they stream on-line, available at least in Canada. See the right hand side of http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/stanleycup2011/ I used to use atdhe.net, but its domain name has been seized by the US government.

  5. Dennis,

    Is their a website chaplain (of the Church of Rome) who can tell me how many decades of the rosary will be required to ensure there’s the right result tonight?

    I have my fingers taped ready and my carbon fibre beads (good heat dissipation at high speeds) to hand.

    I am willing to undrtake all sorts of pilgrimages and privations.

    Though I draw the line at self-flagellation.

    Then again it is the Bruins.

    btw I’m still admiring Bobby’s comb work

  6. Blue Bayou, I’m extremely proud of you. You’re an excellent Bruins disliker. (Is that not strong enough)? I myself dislike them so much that I drank 8 pints DKRFS beer just to forget my pain. I noticed today the Vancouver papers are full of stories about how great it’s going to be when the Canucks win the Cup. Are they getting ahead of themselves, or is tonight the night? And just having Brad Marchand on the Bruins automatically makes them the NHL’s ugliest team.

  7. Dennis,

    In my honest opinion the Vancouver papers have been getting ahead of themselves.

    I’ve had an ominous feeling of dreadful unease for several months. I thought I’d found the reason when Harold Camping announced the Rapture followed by the end of the world was happening back there in May.

    Well we’re all still here so it must be something even worse…..

    I live in fear and loathing.

    It’s not a good place.

  8. Blue Bayou, I’m tossing around what I’d rather see – the end of the world or the Bruins winning the Cup. Right now the end of the world is winning.

  9. I considered Boston winning those first 2 games in Montreal and then winning the series the first two horsemen of the apocalypse. The Coyotes staying in the desert to lose another $50M would be the third. If the Bruins are to win the Stanley Cup, the world might as well end. To many of the laws of nature are no longer making sense.

    Dennis, I don’t think ugliest team is automatic just because of Marchand. Hartnell and the Flyers are strong contenders. The Bruins need the supreme ugliness of Lucic, Chara and the rest of the goons to capture the prize.

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