A Site That looks At Rinks, Looks At The Bell

A site called Stadium Journey has been going around the league reviewing rinks, and they’ve gotten to the Bell Centre in Montreal. They cover food and drink there, found the press box unattractive, and gave the atmosphere 3 stars out of 5 for various reasons including the fact they weren’t able to go down to ice level to see the pre-game skate, and they thought it odd there’s no organ music.

They talk about the neighborhood, access, and the fans, and it certainly doesn’t surprise us to see that Habs fans are rated 5/5, with the writer saying, “You would be hard-pressed to find any other fans who are more educated about the game or more devoted to their team.”

Here’s what they have to say about the whole thing. Stadium Journey At The Bell. It’s all very interesting.

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  1. Hey Dennis. I dont know what these folks are seeing,I thought the Bell Center was just beautuful,a great place to watch a hockey game.I guess some folks have different expectations and see different things.I’m not sure what criteria they have come up with for rating these places,but thats my findings.

  2. The review is a little bit out of date but it’s a pretty good one. Beers cost 10 bucks now and there is plenty of parking to be had but just be prepared to pay a mint. Food has also gone up in cost – it cost me about $30 for my girlfriend and I the last time we went. That’s for 2 slices of pizza and a beer and a Coke.

    I know exactly the section this guy is complaining about it’s a few rows away from where I get to sit when I get tickets from my connections. Where he was is about 10, 15 rows away from the row I seem to always get. The pressbox is directly in front of me and it’s kind of fun in a way because you can see all these TVs on so you can watch the pre-game show if you squint.

    Organ music is back, on Saturday only though. The jumbotron isn’t bad and I still keep my eyes focused on the ice though. If there’s a replay I’ll watch it but I just look at the ice. They’ve also enhanced the sound there so you can hear the pucks slapping against sticks and the boards being hit so it’s not a bad show. The intermissions are a bit of a drag though. It’s usually the t-shirt cannon people then a Timbits game for the first one and the second one is usually just the t-shirt guys again.

    One thing the guy left out is the amount of strip clubs nearby. That’s a big bonus for certain individuals.

    That restaurant (Cage Aux Sports) is usually packed like hell. I’d go eat somewhere else before the game if I were you unless you had access to the exclusive area – they are let in much earlier (in their own entrance as well).

    The people are amazing but there are some real jackasses sometimes though.

  3. Dennis, did you read about the realignment? Grouping teams within their geographical area? Since when is Tampa Bay or Florida near Boston or Montreal? Weird.

  4. Marjo, I just read about it now at this late hour. Having the two Florida teams just mean it’s from top to bottom down the east coast. I suppose that’s fine. And don’t forget, there’s a ton of Quebecois in Florida in the winter, and they probably buy a ton of tickets. I didn’t really read the piece close enough to fully understand what’s going on here. I guess I’ll just figure it out slowly but surely. I understand that the amount of divisions are being reduced to four instead of six. Hell, I have to go back and read this closer, which I’m going to do right now.

  5. Derry, players from other teams talk about the atmosphere at the Bell Centre all the time. I feel confident in saying it has the best atmosphere in the league, even though it was only given 3 out of 5.

  6. Despite the expensive beer and “lacking” atmosphere, the author got very drunk at the Bell Centre. Either that or he know squat about hockey. “The Canadiens attack the goal to your left twice and visitors attack the goal to your right twice.” Four periods? Go back to basketball (and take Bettman with you).

    And very inconsistent. Compare the 5/5 for extras by the Bell Centre to that of the Xcel Energy Center which got its 5/5 extras score for being in a good neighbourhood duplicating the 5/5 it got for neighbourhood. And no matter how good a neighbourhood it is, it’s still only in St Paul, Minnesota.

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