A Shootout Loss In Pittsburgh

The Canadiens fall 4-3 in the shootout against the Penguins in Pittsburgh, but that’s fine. They were skating and had their chances, they got a point out of the deal, and their dads, on the father/son road trip, probably still love them anyway.

It was just 13 seconds into the first period when Pittsburgh’s Pascal Dupuis beat Mike Condon, and it goes without saying that a goal right off the bat like that isn’t a good thing. Especially for Condon’s dad, who was seeing his son in the bigs for the very first time.

But Andrei Markov would even things up with blast while on the power play (ranked third overall), and hopefully Markov’s dad was there too to see it.

Sadly though, the Pens would bulge the twine with just 44 seconds left to play in the frame, and the Canadiens went to the room a goal behind.

Tough when you’re scored against in the first and last minutes of the period.

In the second, Max Pacioretty sent Brendan Gallagher into the clear and Gally’s great shot evened things, while later on Brian Flynn fired the puck through Marc-Andre Fleury’s armpits to put the team in front.

Montreal owned things in that middle frame. They had it going, they were skating like the wind, passing the puck around like a first-place team would, and they outshot the home team 13-1 as proof.

All they needed was another goal. But it never came.

Pittsburgh would find their game in the third, eventually tie it, and after no scoring in the 3-on-3 overtime, the Pens, with the help of Sidney Crosby, wrapped it up in the shootout after Galchenyuk and DD didn’t come through.

Looking back, the Canadiens were going good in overtime. They came close several times, and they circled with confidence and moved the puck around in fine style, especially when Galchenyuk, Gallagher, and Markov were on the ice..

Then Tom Gilbert stepped on the ice too soon and the team was called for too many men. Which of course killed any built momentum, and any chance to nail it shut.

Gilbert was also called for holding with 2:17 left in the third period, which wasn’t good either.

An inexcusable penalty to take on a 3-on-3. But like I said, the dads probably still love all of them anyway. Possibly even Gilbert’s dad.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot Pittsburgh 38-34 and went 1/4 on the power play.

P.K. Subban recorded two assists, which hurdles him past John Klingberg of the Dallas Stars for most points (16) by a d-man.

Next up – Saturday, when Patrick Roy and his Colorado Avalanche visit the Bell Centre.

And finally, this great artwork done by Wade Alexander (Darth), of Brendan Gallagher. Gally played a fine game and also took a shot in the foot which saw him leave the game, only to return. (Dale Weise also left after being hit by Ben Lovejoy, but also returned.)

Whew, on both counts.






8 thoughts on “A Shootout Loss In Pittsburgh”

  1. It’s so refreshing to read your comments as they’re judicious and well-balanced especially after a loss. And it’s nice to know that someone can write well about hockey without being so fancy with stats that the rest of us can’t grasp what’s being said, or feel like we’re stupid if don’t agree with the ‘experts’ so-called. Especially those paid ones on the radio! and other media! The suits and ties and the rest of em, some of whom are even former players. I suppose some people just forget how hard it is to play professional hockey whether your team is winning or losing. In any case, it has been and promises to be one of the most exciting seasons for the Habs in a , I’d say, good long while. Till Saturday!

  2. Thanks a lot HabbyHab. It’s great that you’ve found my site and like it. There’s no way I could write in fancy fashion, and I try to not take myself too seriously. I’ll leave that style to others. And darn right, it should be one of the most exciting seasons in a long while, and even though Mike Condon has been great, getting Price back would be nice. We want the team to stay healthy and a huge bullet was dodged last night when Weise and Gally got hurt but returned. Thanks again for reading. Very much appreciated.

  3. Of course Gilbert’s dad still loves him. As long as he wears the CH there’s unconditional love. But if bad plays get him benched or traded then it’s time to reconsider.

    Wasn’t Walter Gretzky overheard saying. “Wayne you’ve had a good career, but you won’t be considered the best unless you win the Stanley Cup with the Canadiens”

  4. Good one, Christopher. Yes, Gretzky misses out because he was never a Hab. And on another note, I wonder how Leaf dads feel.

  5. DK, you mention Price in one of your responses to a fellow reader. I know this may seem a little off the wall but I find it very strange about Pricer. You, nor any reporters noted anything about him appearing to have injured himself.
    My off the wall question is, did Price’s wifes tweet about Montreals sports writers being the reason some don’t want to come to our team be in play here??

  6. Hi Mike. I don’t know if she tweeted that or not. But I do know she was upset that the media announced her pregnancy before she and Carey did. One thing about his injury, I’ve never heard how he did it, although I think I heard it was in Edmonton. Maybe it’s the Kreider-injury again. Maybe it’s a good thing, a nice rest before the storm. Have you seen Angela on Hockey Wives yet? Nice classy lady. Smart too. But I still have a soft spot for Maripier.

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