A Screeching Halt


Maybe playing seven games in fourteen days doesn’t help. But the party line is there’s no excuses, so Canadiens lose 4-0 to the Pittsburgh Penguins, plain and simple, curtain closed.

They had lots of chances but no red light. Jiri Sekac barged in with the puck several times and came close. Lots of guys came close. But the six game streak couldn’t become seven, and now it’s the St. Louis Blues on Thursday to think about.

I don’t mind a loss here and there. They have to play 82 games and losses happen. But I know you know that, and I don’t know why I’m babbling.

Last year, top dogs Boston and Anaheim each won 54 games, not 82. The Stanley Cup-winning L.A. Kings won 46. These teams lost sometimes. Just like the Habs did tonight against Pittsburgh.

My main concern is that a loss could become two. And then three becomes a possibility. Four even. Other than that, everything’s cool and it could be much worse. We could be Leaf fans and have to compute a 9-2 demolishing by the Nashville Predators tonight.

Time to turn the TV off. Time to get back to my Johnny Cash biography now.


7 thoughts on “A Screeching Halt”

  1. I knew winning wouldn’t last forever, but I expected it would make it past tonight. I thought our skill would match up well against Pittsburgh, but with home ice and better goaltending we would come out on top.

    I was more worried about St Louis on Thursday, but given that’s another home game, I was expecting we would win that too. So we better shape up and win that one instead.

  2. Better find a jig-saw puzzle. No game on TV last nite so the messenger of bad news is——-drum roll——- Mr. Dennis Kane. But I enjoyed your article despite the 4-0 score. Reality check time during the next practice. May your day go better than the game did.

  3. Leaf Fan, I hope you weren’t listening to the local sports radio station this morning. I enjoy laughing at the Leafs, and loved how they used the late ’70s Habs as the measuring stick of a dominating team. But after an hour I was tired of how often they would bring up the that score regardless of what they were discussing.

  4. Here’s an interesting tidbit. Remember when ESPN ranked the Leafs as the worst franchise in North America? The Hockey News is ranking the fans.

    It has Canadiens fans as the 3rd most loyal (3rd largest suckers) right after Blackhawk fans with the Leaf fans far in front. And I have a hard time believing we’ve only got the 6th highest attendance capacity percentage even though the Bell Centre has the highest capacity.


  5. It’s a bit fuzzy, Christopher. I even found parts of it hard on my eyes. I suppose because the Leafs continue to sell out, even though they suck, says a lot, but in any of these polls, they should just automatically put Montreal as number 1 in all the “good” categories and then deal with the rest any way they want. I think the Canadiens have sold out every game for 20 years or so, but TSN puts them down to 6th because they’ve had some good years as opposed to Toronto. Whatever, Montreal’s the mecca and the hell with the rest.

  6. I don’t mind the 6th in the blind faith category, we can’t compete with Toronto and Edmonton in sucking so we’ll be knocked down a bit. It’s the 6th in attendance percentage that I just don’t understand. We’ve been sold out for years so how aren’t we #1 (or tied for first). And if there’s a tie-breaker for all the teams with 100% capacity, we should be on top since we’ve got the highest capacity.

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