A Rocket Program Before He Became The Rocket


 This is a program from the Quebec Senior Hockey League, featuring a young Maurice Richard playing for the senior Canadiens, farm team to the big club. The program is dated January 25th, 1942.

Maurice (he wasn’t called the Rocket yet) had signed with the senior club the year before, for the 1940-41 season as a 19 year old, and in his two seasons there, played only 22 games because of an assortment of injuries including ankle and wrist fractures. (Because of numerous injuries in the early days, Richard was turned down trying to enlist in the Canadian army.)

 Nine months after this game-night program, Rocket signed his first contract with the Habs, on Oct. 29, 1942, and 16 games later, broke his other ankle.

 Also listed in this program is future star and captain of the Habs, goaltender Bill Durnan, with the Montreal Royals. Other players sprinkled throughout include future Habs Floyd Curry and Glen Harmon, and Jim McFadden, who later on played for Detroit and Chicago.

2 thoughts on “A Rocket Program Before He Became The Rocket”

  1. Dennis,

    That is such a unique piece of memorabilia, the more stuff you show on here the more I itch to see your collection! I dont think I’ve seen a collection with so much rare/unique stuff. Keep on posting this stuff its awesome!

  2. Rocket wore #15 when he started but he thought it was bad luck because of all the injuries he was getting and changed to #9. He picked #9 after the berth of his daughter who weigh nine pounds that was his second year (1943-44)

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