A Rink In Brossard, And A Place To Live!!!


Went to the Habs training facility in Brossard today. Didn’t mean to. We were looking for the big Dix-30 mall at the time and it happened to be there.

The Bell Sports Centre seems an excellent place. Well-lit, spacious and clean, with two rinks to skate around on and several indoor fields to run and jump.

The Canadiens are holding a hockey school right now, and I saw assistant coach Clement Jodoin having a chat with someone, as well as Habs hopefuls Morgan Ellis and Tim Bozon on the ice in full uniform, teaching the kids.

I have no excuse for the pathetic lack of photos. Once I got inside, it never occurred to me. I was still fighting my lousy mood because the daily discombobulation has become discombobulating.

But I’m beginning to get a handle on things. Maybe I should apply for a job as a Montreal taxi driver!

In other news:

We found a place to live! A beautiful place. Although it’s a tad out there, in St. Hubert. But it’s only six minutes to the rink in Brossard and fifteen or twenty minutes to downtown Montreal.

We love it, it’s a fine place, the owner is a lovely Russian woman, and the stress factor has decreased by about 99%. Now I can get on to the business at hand.

8 thoughts on “A Rink In Brossard, And A Place To Live!!!”

  1. Used to live in St Bruno when my Dad was in the Air Force stationed at St Hubert. Many moons ago. I think the Wright Brothers were in charge….

    Anyway, good luck in la Belle Ville, and am looking forward to more Kane-isms in the future. And hi to Gaston!

  2. Thanks Habsdoc. Gaston’s been a slobbering mess ever since he met the beautiful Russian lady who owns the apartment.

  3. Dennis, you’ll have to make sure you go there for the first day of training camp. It’s awesome…crowded, but awesome to see. What did you think of the 1030? Tiny little shopping area eh?

    Poor you..I now live near you! Well, fairly near at least. I’ll have to bring you to the reserves so you can get some nice healthy native cigarettes and be horrified with all the Bruins love you’ll see there. 🙁

  4. But Darth, I don’t smoke.
    I thought the 1030 was slightly weird. There’s no inside walkway and it must be cold in the winter. Looks like great theatres there. Bigger than the one in Powell River! Okay, maybe not that big.

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