A Quality Family

Carey Price;

Yesterday I was working with a young fellow who was hired as a seasonal employee, and we had a good day, although it was a tad hectic as we were dealing with two ships instead of just one.

During one of our chats, I asked him if he was from Powell River and he said no, that he and his family had moved from Williams Lake a couple of years ago. So I asked him the obvious. Did he know Carey Price?

He said he did, and I believe him. This is a nice 20-year old kid, trying to work hard and hopefully stay on with the company, and he was sincere and helpful all day. I wish he would have told me more, but we were too busy.

My friend was in grade eight when Price was in grade 12 at high school in Williams Lake, and  he says Carey was the most mature student in the whole school. One of those guys the entire student body liked and looked up to. He was a bit on the quiet side, never acted like a big shot, and was one of the nicest guys anyone could ever meet.

Price must have had no problem getting a date.

Carey’s sister is apparently gorgeous, naturally, and works as a model in B.C.’s  interior, and Carey’s dad and my new buddy’s dad have been close friends for years. And of course Mr. Price is a great guy. It wouldn’t fit at all if he wasn’t. We’ve all heard the stories about Mr. Price flying Carey to games in their little plane because they weren’t near any rink.

And to complete the picture, Carey’s mom, as we all know, is band chief at Anahim Lake, where the Price’s have two ranches.

I knew a family like this in Orillia. However it happens, I wish I knew the formula.

My new co-worker, who also used to play ball hockey with Price, is a hockey fan and likes both the Habs and Canucks, and he believes Price’s problems began with the new pads and the new plastic skate protectors that Price has been breaking in. I wish these were the reasons, because eventually new equipment gets broken in. But somehow I suspect it’s more than that. Something that I believe can be corrected.

It hasn’t been a good year for Price, and hopefully he can spend some quality time back home on the ranch with the family and hash things over.

Kind of like Pa Cartwright and Little Joe getting things figured out.


2 thoughts on “A Quality Family”

  1. I have no reason to think Carey Price is anything but a good person. However I do not think he is a good high pressure goalie. He overplays the puck when the situation is critical. On the other hand, he loses concentration and allows too many soft goals, which are back breakers. Some immature folks may accuse me of hating Price. I don’t hate anyone who wears our uniform.

  2. Terry, I think you nailed it. Sometimes he loses concentration. I believe that. I’m like you – I’m with anyone who wears the CH. Everyone except Gomez. One player after all these years.

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