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The Victoria Skating Rink opened its doors in 1862, and all kinds of firsts took place in the years that followed, including the first organized hockey game in Canada on March 3, 1875, and the first Stanley Cup won, by the Montreal Hockey Club in 1893. Not exactly “won,” I guess. The Montreal Hockey Club were given the Cup without having to play anyone. The next year, 1894, would see the beginning of teams truly playing for the mug.

The Rink was sold and closed its doors in 1925, exactly 50 years after the first organized game, and the brand new Forum, which had opened just a year prior, took over as The place to don the blades.

You can see all the firsts from this old barn here – Hockey Heritage

Below, where the Victoria Skating Rink sat, on the corner of Drummond St. and Stanley St. Darth works right around here so if you see a really tall guy wearing a Habs shirt, just kind of hanging around whistling at women, it’s probably Darth.



4 thoughts on “A Place To Skate”

  1. I can’t whistle to save my life Dennis, so I won’t be whistling at any girls. Staring yes, whistling no. 🙂

    I can’t get a pic of that plaque today (hectic at work) but I will certainly be there next week. I drove by this building today to get my workplace and I swear I can’t look at it the same way anymore. It’s really not all that far from Windsor Station and knowing about the building now really puts that area into a new light for me.

    I’d love to hop in a time machine and go back and see this place as it was. Then I’d go to people and tell them about the future of hockey. They’d all think I was crazy. When I mention how a certain guy named Scott..uh, Go-ma? Go-mer?…gets almost 8 million dollars a year they’ll have me committed.

  2. Darth
    When you tell them about Gary Badman they’ll string you up by your jock strap after you tell them what a jock strap is.

  3. Hey Dennis,do you have any pics of the Victoria arena in Victoria,apparently it was the first artifficial ice surfac in Canada.

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