A Personal Note To You Guys

For the respected and amazingly smart hockey fans, mostly Habs fans, who comment on this site, I think it’s time to just say a couple of things. Because I want to make sure you know where I’m coming from, because sometimes maybe there’s some confusion.

I’m just like you. I love the Habs. I’m pissed off. I’m tired of the never-ending story after story of injuries, coaches, slumps, not making the playoffs, players sent down, players left home, players who don’t like each other, young players with bad friends, innuendoes, speculation, possible trades, retired greats having their say, and on and on

I’m the same as you. We all want the same thing. We want it to stop, and the team to go on to great things.

I feel if news breaks about players being involved with shady customers, this is big news. Because whether they’ve actually done anything wrong or not, it’s still another big news item, another distraction, another in way too long a list of soap operas that have occurred this year. With all that’s happened – the slump, Kovalev sent home, and now allegations of friendships with drug traffickers – every item gets bigger and creates a bigger snowball. So yes, this latest news is big. After the miserable road trip, now we need this?

To a different team:

I mentioned in a silly way, that Alex Ovechkin is missing a tooth. Way too many people commented on this, as if I was out of line. My light-hearted little joke was also meant to be slightly serious. I know hockey players have missing teeth, so do I from hockey. But for whatever reason, Ovechkin seems to have a missing front tooth at all times, not just on the ice but off, including the red carpet appearance at the all-star game. So I questioned it, and made a joke asking why hasn’t he bought a tooth yet. And for some reason, it was taken as a serious thing.

And of course there’s been other things that readers have objected to. But do you want me to try to be interesting, or do you want this to be a safe blog, like a hundred different newspaper stories about the same game or player?

I just want you to know – we’re on the same team. And I love it when there’s debate. I just don’t like it when I’m misunderstood. And because I’m sometimes misunderstood, I apologize.

6 thoughts on “A Personal Note To You Guys”

  1. Dennis,

    I’m not (first and foremost) a Habs fan, but I love your blog. And I thought your line about Ovechkin was funny. Keep up the good work, and please, please, please don’t settle for safe.


  2. Dennis, I was going to apologize for my part if we somehow misunderstood each other (I get the feeling that the tooth thing might have been pointed my way?). I never once thought that you were being all that serious when it came to the whole tooth thing. My continuous reference to the tooth thing after was my poor attempt at humor as well. I’m sorry if it came off as though I trying to be sarcastic. That was never ever my intent. I know we’re on the same page here. Don’t stop what you’re doing here. It’s great stuff and I come here because I love reading your blog. It beats having to put up with this whole media circus any day. Keep it up!

  3. Yeah, funny, eh?, how one person’s joke is another’s insult, cf. the recent furor over the cartoon `mocking’ the Prophet. Myself, I don’t find, say, Robin Williams or Jim Carey particularly funny but, hey, obviously a whoooole lotta people do. The joke is, most of the people I do find funny are dead. In any case, what isn’t so funny is when others fail/refuse to acknowledge an `attempt to be funny’ and take it upon themselves to `punish’ the transgressor of their oh-so-privileged sensibilities. As for the `tooth’ joke, sure, it lacked `bite’ but then `tongue-in-cheek’ humour usually does. Perhaps it would have been better received if it had been directed at our guys, maybe playing on something like the `toothless lions in winter’ which theme may well not have been appreciated by Topham.

    And why apologize for being misunderstood. For being inarticulate, sure. For misunderstanding, sure. For misplaced indignation/rudeness, sure. For a host of other things, but not for the failings of others.

  4. Interesting please. I hope you’re not as discouraged by a little disagreement as you come across above.

    If we all agreed with everyone, there wouldn’t be any need for all these blogs, would there?

  5. Love the blog Dennis.

    Will the team get back on track?

    Maybe all of this will come to a climax and the guys will play their butts off.

    I believe so much has been done with the Kovalev situation and no one truely knows what’s up with him…. everyone criticizes… he mentioned the doctors and stuff….. Gainey and he (Kovalev) have great mutual respect for one another.

    My 2 cents for now.

    GO HABS!!!

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