A Painful Loss To The Hurricanes

Man, that stings. Sometimes losses are only depressing. This one, falling 5-3 to the Carolina Hurricanes, stings like a very large and angry bee.

It had the makings of a tremendous night at the Bell Centre. Down 2-0, and storming back with a breakaway goal from Tomas Plekanec and two power play markers from Erik Cole and David Desharnais. Suddenly it’s 3-2 Habs, and I don’t know about you but I went “woo hoo!”

Then it all came crashing down.

First, an Eric Staal shorthanded goal when he easily walked around Tomas Kaberle, who had a mediocre night at best. Then the Canes went ahead on a power play, and finally, another into the empty net.

And we had been feeling so good. So high. So drunk with wins. Now it’s just a big lousy hangover.

Two huge points that could’ve been but wasn’t. Against a team with a worse record than Montreal’s. I gotta find a new sport. My heart can’t stand it. I saw an extreme sport on the news the other day where players play full contact with a giant soccer ball, and they use tasers on each other. Imagine, they zap each other with tasers. Maybe this is what I should be watching.

Down the drain goes the winning streak, halted at four games. What could have been, and now it’s the Bruins on Wednesday. Is this the straw that broke the camel’s back? I hope not, but damn…..

Random Notes:

Carolina outshot the Canadiens 35-33 and controlled much of the play over the night, which is inexplicable.

Jaroslav Spacek, coming back to the Bell, scored on a Carolina power play and sure looked happy doing it.

Ryan White and Ian Schultz didn’t dress, although I wish they had. Things might have been different. Of course, this is hindsight at its finest.

The Canadiens now have to start another four or five-game winning streak, beginning with clobbering the Bruins on Wednesday. If they don’t, maybe like that new extreme sport, there should be some tasering.


16 thoughts on “A Painful Loss To The Hurricanes”

  1. Although this was supposed to be the gimme in our schedule, if we had to lose a game this was the one. Better to lose to the fanless Hurricanes than either the Leafs or Bruins. I was most disappointed since when we came back from 2-0, I thought this was another sign we had turned the corner and were well on our way to winning in the playoffs. Instead it showed that we still choke in the third period.

  2. Campoli and Kaberle are useless. To think we’re stuck with Kaberle for a few more years unless we can find some sucker to take him off our hands.

    They keep playing this guy, give him lots of ice-time with his minature stick, and look what happens.

    I had a feeling we were going to lose this one and sure enough at first I wasn’t too upset by it. But to come back, lead the game, then lose? That is so damn frustrating and makes you want to kick your tv in.

    We desperately need to get rid of the useless people on this team!

  3. Darth, I so agree with you about Kaberle. He rarely shoots, his stick is so small it looks like he’s playing road hockey, and he’s weak defensively. He’s a real
    liability and he’s another one who has to go. Campoli’s not much better but at leasty he’s not expected tp perform on the power play like Kaberle, who\s a bum there. This loss really sucked. We wanted five straight so much and they let us down.

  4. Chris, this was so painful and we can only hope the other teams around the Canadiens lose often. I hated this loss so much.

  5. Yes thankfully all the other teams with which we have to fight for a playoff spot don’t want it either.
    I agree, Gauthier needs to fix his biggest mistake by getting rid of Kaberle, if not for this year for the damage he’ll do the next two years. Getting him was a poor panic move. Wasn’t Gauthier paying any attention during last year’s playoffs? I’d much rather suck with younger and cheaper Weber who can still improve than with Kaberle.

  6. What we’re sadly missing is a stud, star D-man. Gorges and Gill fill leadership role but they don’t inspire courageous confident play. Subban is still developing and is not as dumb as 10 days ago. He needs to stop the retarded stretch passes that rarely work but result in lose of possession. He’s a few years away from being a Josh Gorges. Jared Tinordi may be our closest bet unfortunately. Kaberle is weak but so are all our other d-men and I would take 76 off the PP before Kaberle because every PP opportunity, Subban screws up somehow (either not keeping it in the zone or trying a risky move and losing possession). I get infuriated watching Subban.

  7. I have a thought. I watched a special on espn on a football coach who NEVER PUNTS and ALWAYS HAS AN ONSIDE KICK after every score. Well Cunney has gone to 7 d-men and someone double shifts each game. How about another outside the box move if our power play ever improves. After the Opening faceoff to start a game and we get control in the offensive zone why don’t we PULL THE GOALIE and run it like a powerplay. Play offense and play to win every game no matter what. Go at them full tilt and if we give up a goal so what. We are in a big hole now so try something different and put some fear in the other team. Do it EVERY GAME even though they know its coming to instill fear and impose our will. Also if I were Cunney and knowing I am not coming back I would sit Campoli and Kaberle every game and call up St.Denis to be a 7th d-man. What is there to loose go all in and play like you really want to win every game. Explain it to the press and play only uptempo games full tilt. Just random thoughts and what is there to loose. It would be entertaining hockey and would take the league by storm. Kind of like the Stretch Pass was and curved sticks were long ago.

  8. Kaberle used to run an ok powerplay in Toronto but he was and is very soft and weak defensively…..

    In Toronto he sort looked ok but the team was a piece of crap (brutal honesty)

    That was a bonehead lose to Carolina last night with a 3-2 lead in the 2nd..

    You are luckily going to catch the Bruins on a back to back with them coming of a warrior game against the Rangers…Your Habs got to jump on the Bruins quick…

  9. Mayo, we’re also sadly missing a 50 goal scorer. But you’re right, a stud quarterback on the blueline would be nice.

  10. dra58, what a concept! I tcoulkd work but if it didn’t, the coach would be tarred and feathered and the team woulkd be a laughingstock. But I like your style. Why not go for the gusto. Heck, it just might work. I wrote a post a few years back which I’ll repost some day about a goalie, instead of going to the bench on a delayed penalty call, moved up to defence. True story.

  11. Leaf fan, I’ll trade you Kaberle for a Shopsy’s hot dog. I agree, he looked better as a Leaf. What happened? He stunk in Boston and he stinks in Montreal.

  12. I like dra58’s idea, but I’d tweak it to match our skills. Our power-play sucks, but we’re good short-handed. So play 5-5 as if we’re short-handed.

    Have an offensive player never enter our half of the rink. He was called the cherry picker when I was growing up. Already Plekanec gets a break away almost every game short-handed. Imagine if Kostitsyn was waiting at centre ice for a puck to be chipped out of the zone.

    There’s probably a rule against this, but it’s not coming to mind.

  13. Maybe there’s no rule, Chris, because it’s so innovative. It’s a huge gamble though, pulling the goalie like that.

  14. re: kaberle in TO

    Dennis we in Leaf land have suffered with crap so long that we overrate the players we have….Kaberle when he was younger was pretty good on the PP but sucked defensively but the rest of the defense was so darn bad that he looked the best of a really bad lot….

    My current Leafs are again over rated in TO but they are young and Burke is trying to fill a cupboard that was completely bare right through the farm system where all the picks had been traded leaving nothing to build from

    so bad it was basically at the level of a new franchise to start with

  15. Leaf Fan, that could very well be it. Overrating players in Toronto. Komisarek is another one. I just don’t understand how a GM like Gauthier, who studies the league as part of his job, thought Kaberle would be a good addition. He’s not been at all, and he wasn’t in Boston. Maybe these GM’s should start asking the fans for advice.

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