A Package Came The Other Day

Danno, whose name is mentioned often on this site because he’s a regular reader, commenter, and advisor, and who often sends me great and interesting links and videos, asked me once about what Bee Hives I happened to be missing. I have more than 70 of the 77 Montreal Canadien Beehives from the Group 2, 1944-64 series, and I mentioned the few I’m missing, which included John Hanna.

Hanna is a rare Bee Hive because he was a journeyman, a guy who played just six games with the Canadiens in 1963-64, although he managed another 177 with New York Rangers beginning in  the late fifties, and later on, 15 games with Philadelphia when expansion arrived on the scene in the late sixties. All in all, he wasn’t that interesting to kids like me who clamoured for the Rocket or Harvey or Beliveau.

Very few John Hanna Beehives became circulated, as was the fate of a handful of other non-stars. It’s sad in a way.

The other day a parcel came to my house, from Dan and his lovely lady Gail in Ottawa, and it was a Habs notebook, a Tim Hortons gift certificate……….. and yes, a John Hanna Bee Hive.

I had no words then and I have none now. I met Danno and Gail in Ottawa last spring and they were as expected – friendly and smart and great fun, with good vibrations hovering about them. And now this, which was unexpected, and when I opened the package, I was shocked.

What a thing they did. Thanks again, Dan and Gail.

And John Hanna’s contribution as a Montreal Canadien? Six games – no goals, no assists, no penalties. But he’s got a beauty of a Beehive.

10 thoughts on “A Package Came The Other Day”

  1. Awesome little surprise! How big are these anyways? Regular hockey card sized or big photos?

    They had such great collectibles back then. 🙁

    Great gift Danno.

  2. Good one Danno, DK gives so much of himself to us it’s nice to see he’s received something in return. I know he will cherish it!

  3. Dennis, I am so happy John Hanna has a good home. I hope some day soon he’ll be joined by Tod Campeau, Gerry Couture, Eddie Dorohoy, Vern Kaiser, Ross Lowe, and George Robertson to finally complete your set.

    I can’t think of a better place for all the Habs Beehive cards to reside than Dennis Kane’s magnificent Hall of Fame, which should be a proper museum – or at least an add-on to the Bell Centre’s, which almost seems puny compared to Dennis’ awesome collection of memorabilia.

    Mr. Molson, do yourself a favour and hire Dennis Kane as stick boy. You won’t regret it.

    If you do, maybe he will loan you some of his excellent stuff to display in the Temple de la Renommée. Plus, as a bonus, he’ll go to the beer store for players and management. He’ll even help make the players’ wives comfortable – no extra charge.

    All this for a salary much lower than Scott Gomez’s.

    What a deal.

    What are you waiting for Geoff?


    CHeers to everybody for their wonderful comments!

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