A One-Sided Affair And A Night To Build On. Habs Trounce Enemy

There’ll be no harsh words tonight. No getting on anyone, no wondering why some players aren’t doing this and that. Heck, I’m not even going to bring up how Jaroslav Halak blew his shutout by giving the puck away on a power play.

Because this is a night to savour. A delicious, one-sided, crowd-pleasing 5-1 blowout over the New York Islanders to give us all hope that slowly but surely, the team’s coming around and isn’t the sad sack bunch we saw just recently on a west coast swing that we’re all trying desperately to forget.

Seeing five goals was like seeing Sophia Loren topless in one of her old movies – rare but exhilarating. Glen Metropolit was a force with two assists. Two guys who took longer to score than me in high school – Max Pacioretty and Maxim Lapierre, finally hit home runs. And Marc-Andre Bergeron has a shot that bends steel. This is a guy who’s a keeper, and when Andre Markov gets back, these two will help show all the naysayers out there that this is a team to be reckoned with.

5-1. Is it possible?

Random Notes:

Marc-Andre Bergeron’s shot reminds me of mine when I played for the Orillia Byers Bulldozers midgets. The only difference is, his is fast, hard, dangerous, and leaves the ice.

Pierre McGuire kept talking to Carey Price on the bench during the game and I’ll bet Price wished Pierre would just shut the hell up. But like I said, I’m not criticising anyone tonight.

I’d also like to take the time to defend Hal Gill a little, who often has the crowd and broadcasters on him because he’s a tad slow. But if you were Gill’s size, which is just slightly shorter than the Empire State Building, would you be a fast skater? Gill gets it done in other ways. Like his long reach, and taking out bowling pins in front of the net. I think we should give Hal a break because on this night especially, it’s all about peace and love.

I completely dislike the “Smurfs” nickname Brian Gionta, Mike Cammalleri and Scott Gomez have been tagged with. Stop it people. Did you or do you call Henri Richard, Theoren Fleury, Martin St. Louis, and many other superstars “smurfs?” Just because an announcer thought this up at some point, does it mean you have to embrace it?

Rangers in town Saturday. Keep it going, boys. Put some red blood on those blueshirts.

31 thoughts on “A One-Sided Affair And A Night To Build On. Habs Trounce Enemy”

  1. We’re up to 5 games in a row where we’ve outshot the opposition.

    Halak had to gift wrap the puck for Bailey, otherwise you might have gotten that 6-0 shutout win you requested. They’re saving that win for Saturday night.

  2. Het Dennis;I thought the Habs played a great game ,I enjoyed the game very much,not just because of the win but als because of the back and forth play by both teams tonite…exciing i’d say.Now who ever came up with the idea of allowing people to interview coaches and playes during a game should be pissed on,especially that asshole who has both orifices speaking at the same time.Why would ou intrfere with the game by distractng the players just so tv fans could have to hear what they are thinking,buy a newspaper in the morning or click onto the internet and read it there.Enuf said ,great nite for the Habs,carry on guys

  3. One little silly thing like that. I’ll bet he learns from this. And him ruining my wish is unforgiveable.

  4. I agree, Derry. Price probably very much wanted him to go away. I didn’t like that at all and if I was coach and I had a say in it, I’d tell Pierre to leave my players alone.

  5. On a more serious note, the Habs played with all their heart tonight.

    and “the three smurfs”? I don’t think so. look at Gomez’s goal, he out powered 2 defencemen and scored. Whether or they’re small or not, they play like big men. Gionta is a soldier, he’ll get in there knowing full well he’s smaller. and Cammalleri doesn’t need to be big, ’cause he’s got a hell of a wrist shot and one timer slapshot. so, all in all, screw all the ignorants.

  6. Yeah, they don’t seem fragile at all. Looks to me like they can stand up to anything all season.

  7. Dennis,

    Glad you got to see how hard Bergeron can shoot. Like I said before hes been clocked at over 103 mph. Hopefully you’ll soon get to see one of his end to end rushes that he has gained a reputation for. I agree with you 100% that once Markov gets back those two on the blue line will will be trouble for other teams.

  8. Hey Dennis,

    Time to add your support to the the first line nickname from 4HF, the GMS (Giant Mexican Squid) line.

    Loved your story on Sergei K and St-Petersburgh btw; amazing that I am learning more history and geography on sports blogs than I did in school .

  9. Totally savoured that win. I feel good about Saturday and hope Halak gets to stay in nets. This will be an important match and if the Habs win, they will finally return to .500 hockey.
    Love Bergy’s dangerous shots from the point!
    But I don’t like the Smurfs tag either.
    How about the Little Big Men?

  10. They did look big, Tony. Of course, all the “experts” say the small guys won’t last 82 games, but they seem pretty solid to me. I love seeing media guys on TV proved wrong.

  11. Thanks, Northern. Geez, Giant Mexican Squid line. I dunno. Maybe. What about the RGL? (Really Good Line.) Thanks also for the St. Petersburg comments. It’s a great place, it really is. But really difficult for North Americans to actually live there. I think it would drive most of us to serious drink.

  12. Dennis,

    It’s too late, we were all driven to serious drink watching the Habs play last year. Loved the effort last night, and I’ve mentioned this nickname in my blog today for our first line “The Legion of Zoom”.

  13. Moey. That’s it! Legion of Zoom. Thanks a lot because I’m going to use this if you don’t mind.

  14. We should take the “Smurfs” moniker as a complement. The “Pocket” Rocket doesn’t seem like a complement, but he had one of the best careers of any player. I’ll be thrilled if they win the Cup as much as Henri did the second half of his career.

  15. Kudos to Gainey for signing Metropolit last season. One of the smartest and most under looked moves he’s done.

  16. Metropolit’s a solid player and will help a lot. We really missed him in the first bunch of games. We’ve just got to get some of the others going.

  17. I think we should have both Kostitsyn’s brothers included in a package deal. Maybe we can get Byron Bitz from the Bruins

  18. “Seeing five goals was like seeing Sophia Loren topless in one of her old movies – rare but exhilarating.”

    Best line ever.

    I saw there was 25 comments, and was surprised no one commented on this. Great line! Wish I had thought of it myself.

  19. haha, true, Tom

    I just noticed that Dennis is a pretty witty guy, that what makes me keep checking this site out.

  20. BallRoom Blitz, haha, awesome song :p

    but honestly, the Kostitsyn brothers have a bad attitude towards the game, we don’t need them. We can probably get a Vaclav Prospal- like guy, if we trade them both now

  21. I kow, Phil. Sergei probably needs to be moved, and Andrei needs to pick it up a notch or two for sure or he could go too. Maybe he’ll break out tonight.

  22. Sergei can probably be traded fairly easily, he’s young, cheap, in final year of contract and has tons of potential.

    Andrei is the big problem. How would trading Sergei affect him? Trading Andrei would be very difficult. He has this year and another at $3+M. I don’t think there are any teams with enough cap space for both years and enough money and where his addition could make an impact worth the risk.

  23. Chris – I’m really wondering how Kostitsyn managed to get his salary up to over 3 million. It just seems like extra good coin for what he’s really done so far in his career. Must have a good agent.

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