A Night To Remember

The 2014 Winter Auction is coming up soon at Classic Auctions, and one of the lots we’re putting up are the three Charlestown Chiefs jerseys worn by the Hanson brothers in the movie Slap Shot.

There should be a fair amount of buzz about this.

And mentioning the auction is a good way of getting to my Hanson brothers story.

The Hansons came to Powell River in the late-1990s to do their schtick before a Powell River Kings/BCHL game, towing along the back of the zamboni, pretending to be unruly, and generally being very amusing for the fans.

Before they went up to the arena, they came into the little sports bar my friend and I owned, all decked out with their taped hands, horn-rimmed glasses, and Charlestown Chiefs jerseys, and ranted about “old time hockey”.

It was prearranged and they did it for free.

After the game, two of the three Hansons (Jeff and Steve Carlson), came back to the pub, I locked the door, and the three us sat at the bar and drank beer and talked hockey until 5 am. They were both tremendously friendly guys, completely down to earth, and I remember them talking a lot about how they thought Jaromir Jagr was such a great player and how Paul Newman was a wonderful guy.

We drank a lot of beer that night, I had to open the bar a few hours later with a hangover, and the Hanson brothers left town for another gig in another town. All in all, a fine night indeed.

I might be talking to them on the phone soon, and if so, I’m going to ask if they remember that night in Powell River. Maybe they won’t.

But I’m hoping they do.

5 thoughts on “A Night To Remember”

  1. Good stuff Dennis!! Can’t wait till the Sochi break to see more of your yarns & pictures. Thanks for reads!!!

  2. Another amazing story! That must have been the greatest sports bar.

    Just out of curiosity, what in the world was in those drinks you served – The Paralyzer and Kane’s Killer Kool-Aid?

  3. Danno, the Paralyzer was a common drink with milk and vodka and other stuff I don’t remember. Killer Kool Aid was cranberry juice with vodka and creme de menthe and triple sec and soda water. (I think).

  4. Love Slapshot.

    We all know what it means when we hear the expression, “putting on the foil!”

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