A Night To Forget

Montreal, on goals by Frick, Frack, Friggin, Freakin, and Sprague Cleghorn, lose to the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-0 at home, which reinforces my theory that players shouldn’t have any kind of home life during hockey season.

They should live at the Y.M.C.A. all winter and eat Jello and liver, surrounded by guys who hack their lungs up and sometimes ride the rails. Not this lovey-dovey pampering from wives, kids, friends and fans that they’re so used to.

The game started so poorly for the Habs that I was hoping Michel Therrien would call a time-out after the opening three minutes. But he didn’t, pretty well everything smelled from start to finish, and when I look at this with 20/20 hindsight, I see that the Canadiens allowed Boston to score two in the third period in their 2-1 loss, then in Buffalo the two-seconds-to-go goal and a 5-4 shootout loss the next night, and now this, a 6-0 trouncing at the hands of the Maple Buds.

So I blame it on Boston and Buffalo’s Tomas Vanek. They got the Montreal slump going. Those bastards.

6-0. That sure throws a wrench into Montreal’s goals-for and goals-against, Carey Price’s average, the power play average, a bunch of plus/minus stuff, and the general mood of Habs fans everywhere. Not to mention the Leafs catapulting over the Habs in the standings, and seeing Montreal begin to make their way down the wretched ladder.

Toronto’s now in the fifth place in the east. Montreal’s in seventh. In fact, the Canadiens aren’t that far from about 13th, but I don’t want to talk about that.

Also not to mention the lost faceoffs, lost fights, lousy passing, and shots that James Reimer never had to move on. Montreal had 37 pucks on this guy, most of them aimed at his stomach. Toronto had just 28 shots.

All in all, a night to forget.

Random Notes:

The Canadiens make their way to Florida for games in Tampa Bay on Tuesday and Sunrise on Thursday. What a punishment. The boys should be sent to Mongolia, not Florida.






22 thoughts on “A Night To Forget”

  1. It sure was a night to forget. I have to say, it’s not altogether uncommon that a team looks strong…. and then the next game or 2…. they disappear.

    I hope they figure this out soon.

  2. Hey Dennis,yes that was a pathetic performance, totally wasn’t impressed by what went on there tonite.Didn’t Tim Peel ref their last three games?

  3. Colton Orr tried to take Tomas Plekanec’s knee out with a very dangerous and dirty play. Plekanec had to dive out of the way at the last second to avoid what could have been a career-ending knee-on-knee hit.

    Toronto is a goon team that plays dirty even though they had a huge lead.

    No class at all.

  4. I have to stop putting too much emotion in to this hockey stuff. Maybe I should start knitting again and start watching Downton Abbey.

  5. Marjo, I understand the knitting. But Downton Abbey? This certainly was a lousy night. Now it’s going to take a winning streak to make us happy again.

  6. Danno, they really are quite a despicable bunch, those Leafs. Hopefully they’ll fall off the face of the earth in the upcoming weeks. That was a very dangerous attempt on Plekanec. And the trouble is, we don’t have anyone who is capable of pounding out a guy like Orr.

  7. Derry, you might be right about Peel. It’s at least a couple. I hate the Leafs. I hate the Leafs and Boston. What a bummer when they beat us.

  8. David, don’t even think about ever making that drive again. Yes, you could’ve been responsible. You may have caused traffic to slow down in downtown Buffalo, thus having the team bus have to stop quickly, thus causing players to spill coffee on themselves and lose the video game they were playing, thus breaking their concentration come game time. Never ever make this drive again.

  9. I hope they figure it out, Yves. It’s a slippery slope between winning streak and losing slump. They need to fix this in both games in Florida.

  10. For a bit… I was hoping Gerard Gallant was gonna jump on the ice and play… he was a tough guy who could play in his day.

    I’m sure the dressing was animated.

  11. The new Leafs …Coach Carlyle’s style..don’t poke the bear..

    the bears…Orr 6′ 3 …..220
    Frazer 6′ 4 …. 220
    MacLaren 6′ 5 …240

    Now Habby fans can really hate the Leafs

    I am still in a state of shock…

  12. Pardon my language but that was a real clusterfuck.

    Pacioretty looked livid when he was ejected.

    The one thing we can take from this that might be a positive is that I hope this game pisses them off and pisses them off a lot. I want them to be angry and learn from this. Don’t know if they will but let’s hope.

    What a complete mess. Where the hell were they? It’s like they didn’t bother to show up at all. I feel terrible for those in the expensive seats who paid about 500 bucks or more to see that crap. A parent at my job was at the game. The tickets were a birthday present. Some present.

    That call on Gallagher was total bullshit.

  13. Darth, they have to nip this in the bud right now. A losing streak can snowball real quick and fall right out of the playoff picture in no time flat. But I think they’ll rebound, be mad at themselves like you say, and they’ll turn things around.

  14. That was a hideous, awful game. The Habs are now 2-4-1 against the teams in their division, despite the fact that five of those seven games were played at home. They’re 0-3 at home against Boston and Toronto, their biggest rivals. Not good.

  15. Grabowski the biter now has a reputation he will carry with him each and every game for the rest of his career. Same with that thug Colton Orr.

    You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    A game like this highlights the fact Montreal needs to shop around for a seven foot tall UFC fighter who can skate.

  16. F—————————————-K another $20. down the drain!!!! All I can say is that was the most piss-poor effort I’ve seen in a long, long time. Now I have to listen to all the BS at work this week or longer!

  17. Oh Grabowski bit Max for sure …..But Grabowski had both his arms immobilized while Pacioretty had a lock on his face with his hand and forearm like he was trying to apply chloroform to him….A little “Hannibal Lecter” nip was needed to clear his nasal passages…..

    I must agree Colton Orr is a bit of a wildman….

    Where the hell was White to help Prust who started all this crap after Leafs went up 3-0

    Ah yes the joys of Habs – Leaf battle royal….

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