A Night At The Morgue. Habs Making Habs-Haters Happy

No need to say much about the Thursday night coma-inducing performance by a team now mired in a five-game losing streak and managing once again to score one feeble goal and providing the Bell Centre faithful with absolutely nothing to be happy about except maybe the beer was cold.

Minnesota 3, Habs 1.

The Canadiens on this dismal night now find themselves in 11th place in the east and only two from 14th. You know what this means? It means Habs-haters everywhere, and there are more than enough, are wearing big silly grins and loving every sordid moment, every loss those Habs, those despised Habs, give them.

They’re revelling in our misery and they don’t even feel bad.

And Hab-haters will continue to rub their hands in glee until this team starts scoring. We need offensive explosions, at least from time to time, because one goal will not win many hockey games. (I do, however, remember one night years ago when Peter Mahovlich scored against Toronto with one second left in the game and the Habs won 1-0. Just another example of why there are Habs-haters.)

They also need to learn how to be aggressive. although now I’m starting to sound like Pierre McGuire. But he’s right. The Canadiens simply don’t strike fear in the hearts of other teams, and when they do try to be a bit physical, they end up in the penalty box as we saw on Wednesday in New Jersey. They need to play tough but somewhat legal. Like Dirty Harry.

All in all, lately has been quite dismal to say the least. But my gut says they’re going to turn it around.We’ve seen it other years where suddenly, almost without warning, things start to click. Lines magically find chemistry, pucks that were usually blocked start to find their way through holes, and games are won. It’s going to happen with the Habs. It’s just a matter of a little more time.

Random Notes:

Saturday on Long Island and Monday in Atlanta. And regardless of how they play in these two rinks, they’re going to be fine, starting in January.

17 thoughts on “A Night At The Morgue. Habs Making Habs-Haters Happy”

  1. I don’t think there is such a thing as “tough but somewhat legal” where the Habs are concerned. I think that the penalties they take are legit, but I do wonder whether the same standard is applied to everyone.

  2. Way too many penalties, MathMan. Sometimes it’s their fault, sometimes not. I just wish it was more consistant from the officials.

  3. I think they’ll be fine, Moey, and you do too. Thanks. If it was smooth sailing, it would be too weird. Really, really need Gionta back.

  4. Dennis, the Molson brothers should hire you as the team psychologist. You certainly have a way to put things into perspective. Every day you serve up a refreshing tonic of hope to us hapless fans. But you really should be in charge of motivating players. I’m sure the Habs could use you.
    Have you heard the latest? Andrei Markov is supposed to play tomorrow against the Isles.
    This could be the big turnaround we’ve all been waiting for.
    I’m tired too of all those Hab Haters at work with their smug and smirky little grins – especially those pin-headed leaf fans. They just cannot handle our greatness.
    Markov is back now. It’s an 82-game season. Stay tuned. We’ll see who gets the last laugh.

  5. Markov’s back, happy days are here again.
    But the worry-wart in me is troubled that it’s over a month ahead of schedule. It should be a good sign that his tendons are healing better than previously thought, but I also like to think doctors know what they’re talking about.

  6. The Habs are sapping my strength.
    I don’t even know what to write anymore.
    We better win against The Islanders! Especially with Markov back.

    Dennis, don’t think like that, if you think he’s gonna hurt himself again, it might just happen!
    Remember, think positive!

  7. Sorry Dennis my fault, losing streak started when my wife took down the Habs good luck charms and put up Christmas figurines instead. Problem corrected, win vs the Islanders tonight.

  8. Dennis, I’m trying not to think of that. We’ve already had 6 of the 7 defencemen who started the season get inured. I don’t want a round 2.

  9. Ryan, it’s not your fault, it’s your wife’s. Didn’t she promise to love, honour, and not mess around with the Habs stuff when you married?

  10. That’s okay, Phil. They’ve sapped all our strength. But I really believe the good ship will turn around in the new year.

  11. Dear Ryan and your loving wife, you need not worry.
    When my Dad gets his beautiful CH rug on Christmas and places it in front of the fireplace all will be good in Habsland again.
    The warmth of the hearth will rekindle the Habs offensive lines and set them on fire. A flame of passion will burn bright in every Canadien players heart resulting in an unstoppable desire to bring back the Cup.
    The hockey gods told me this is good. They also smiled upon me and told me the Leafs are in for a shellacking on Boxing Day.

  12. Ha! Danno wouldn’t happen to be a fellow goalie would you? Only a goalie can communicate effectively with the Gods( as long as there is no deviation when putting on the equipment).

    -Dennis it worked!

    Also had the chance to insult a Bruins fan today as well. As the kids and I were leaving the Kids Company Christmas party my 3yr old was following the wrong person out the door, I told him to stay away from that man he’s a Bruins fan, that got a look and a Hey! Hey now! My 5yr old picked up on the hockey theme around her and started singing Ole, Ole, Ole(first song I taught her).

    One of my proudest moments!

  13. Ryan, this is just the most excellent news. You’re doing a great job raising your kids. People can learn from you. I’m sure sure you had a good talking-to to your wife about the Habs stuff vs. Christmas stuff. Anyway, really proud that you and your kids could show a Bruins fan how the world works. I thinking Santa’s gonna be good to them now,. Is Santa a Habs fan?

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