A New Year Comin’ Up Fast

Canada plays the U.S. today in World Junior action, and it’s the Habs in Carolina this evening to meet the Hurricanes.

It’s a good hockey day, and even better if both Canada and the Canadiens win.

But before all this action takes place, I’d like to wish everyone a very great 2014. I hope it becomes a terrific year for you and yours.

2013 was a big year for Luci and I. I retired from B.C. Ferries, packed up things in Powell River, and we drove across the country to start anew in Montreal. And even with the frosty air and slippery streets, we both agree that it’s been just great and we’re excited about the new year.

Again, from me to you, happy 2014. Be safe and have fun.

6 thoughts on “A New Year Comin’ Up Fast”

  1. Happy New Year Dennis to you and all your family and to all the posters. May 2014 bring everyone health, happiness, and many happy hab hockey outcomes! And warmth, lots of warmth, can’t get enough warmth, it was minus 39 at 8AM and that’s without a windchill. I am so tired of winter.

  2. Happy New Year Dennis, Luci, your family and all the readers who contribute to make reading this blog such an enjoyable part of every day. Good health is the most important wish, a Stanley Cup is the bonus.

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