A Motivating Factor

Talk about motivation to play well. Blake Geoffrion today signed a one-year, two-way contract with the Habs which will give him $803,250 if he plays for the big club, but just $62,500 if he’s sent to the minors. That’s a difference of $740,750, which is substantial to say the least. Imagine the Boom Boom and Howie memorabilia this would buy.

This is the kind of contract Gomez needs. Maybe he’d scored three or four instead of a lousy two if he had to play scared.





2 thoughts on “A Motivating Factor”

  1. That’s a big difference. I think it would have been better for him to have accepted a lot less for NHL play, but a bit more for the AHL. There’s a lot of players that he would need to outplay to be called up. I think Blunden’s contract should have been his model. A very nice $105K for Hamilton, and a mere $575K for Montreal. Both will start the year in Hamilton as there’s no space in Montreal.

    So we’re now down to only Subban left to sign. I wonder what the holdup is.

  2. And Christopher, he must realize he’ll be only making 62 this year, so he’s probably budgeting. Maybe he bought a smart car. It’s a heck of a difference to be sure.

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