A Mats Sundin Story That Means Nothing To Anybody Except Me

In early September of 1991, my first wife and I and our two kids stopped in Stockholm for a few days on our way to Leningrad, Russia. (St. Petersburg).


It was pretty well exactly 17 years ago. Time flies, as they say.


We stayed in a nice little hotel in Stockholm which was a converted old prison, so our rooms were prison cells, but of course they were really nice.


The 1991 Canada Cup was underway back home, and I was in the lobby of this hotel and I saw a Swedish newspaper with a picture of Mats Sundin and big headlines that mentioned “Canada.” So I asked the girl at the counter if she would please tell me what the headlines said.


She looked kind of embarrassed and told me it said that Mats Sundin says Sweden will have no trouble at all with Canada.


Canada ended up clobbering Sweden in this semi-final game 4-0 and maybe Sundin learned then that you don’t make predictions like this.


The game was Sept. 12, 1991. I know this and the score because I googled it. 


 This is the prison-that-became-a-hotel in Stockholm. That’s my kids up there. They’re all grown up now with babies and mortgages and all that. My son’s a Habs fan. My daughter hates hockey. That other person is my ex-wife. She stopped liking me for some reason, and we split up in 1993. 

2 thoughts on “A Mats Sundin Story That Means Nothing To Anybody Except Me”

  1. Hi, well the story does in fact mean something to somebody but you, mr. Kane. You consistently contribute original anecdotes to the habs blogosphere, from very different points of view. It’s a great addition to the huge volume of canadiens commentary published on the web daily.
    I live in Oslo myself and am already planning to look up that Stockholm hotel with my wife, perhaps later this fall, if it’s still in business.

    I hope your wife is ok now, that was a frightening but itneresting read for an anaesthesiologist-in-training.
    Keep up the great writing

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