A Magic Picture And Other Stuff From Darth

Darth was at the Habs-Red Wings game at the Bell Centre recently, and he picked up some things while he was there which he sent to me. Just really nice of this fine fellow.

There’s a giant crest, and a Habs key chain, and a set of team pictures, and last but not least, an 8×10 of Scott Gomez. The same day the package arrived, Gomez finally scored his goal.

And even though Darth was being funny, his picture set the ball in motion for Gomez to break out. It’s a magic picture. If Gomez scores a few more now and the Habs keep winning, it’s because Darth thought he was being hilarious and instead, he woke up the slump gods.


5 thoughts on “A Magic Picture And Other Stuff From Darth”

  1. I’ve had this thought for a while now and without looking up the stats for this (come on it’s early Sat morning!) maybe Gomez’s problem is very evident right there in that picture. He should never have switched from 91 to 11. Did he have a better year as 91? I think he must have because who could forget it if it was worse than this one? Maybe it’s the not quite ghost of Koivu pissed that his number 11 is on the ice!
    Nice gifts Dennis. I have a niece who is friends with Ryan White and I can’t get so much as a dirty sock from her!

  2. Hey Dennis, #1 thing for the Habs to do this summer,offer Darth a contract to enable low scoring players the ability to put the puck in the net.This is something that will hopefully allow guys to keep from falling into scoring slumps and have the chance to score more then one goal per year.

  3. Well, when I go for the Mtl/Toronto game I should look for a team photo to send you Dennis. According to my calculations, it should mean 5 Stanley Cups in a row.

    When I go back I am going to look for the “Dennis” keychain. Hopefully they’ll have it this time!

    Thank you Derry. When I get hired I’ll send you and Dennis a gift: A Bruins player tied up so you can beat him up and some cash. 🙂

  4. Dis John, tell your niece to tell White that you know the owner/stickboy of the team and I’ll bet he sends skates and sticks and jerseys and all kinds of good stuff.

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