A Lovely Tattoo Finds Its Way Here

A couple of years ago, after I had gotten a CH tattooed on my upper arm while in Venice Beach, I began rounding up photos of Habs tattoos that folks had had done, and which can be seen in several posts at http://dennis-kane.com/category/habs-tattoo-gallery/. There’s some dazzling artwork to say the least.

Today, Bruce in Ontario sends his along. Nuff said.


9 thoughts on “A Lovely Tattoo Finds Its Way Here”

  1. Hey Dennis, Gotta love this one eh?Although it would be nice if you could rotate team emblems according to the schedule.How are things in Powell River these days?

  2. Hey Dennis, Summer has arrived here now,was on the island last week for my bro’s 50th,spent a week in Gold River and got back last Saturday.

  3. Gawd I miss my daily fix of Calvin & Hobbes! Have tried but can’t find one of those decals with Calvin pissing on a Chevy, would look great on the back window of my F-150!!

  4. I need to get a Habs Tattoo. I was actually thinking about it today. Maybe someday down the line I’ll get one.

  5. Darth, I wanted one for years and finally did it. I’m proud of it, and it’s not like getting one of a girlfriend or wife who is no more. I knew I’d be staying a Habs fan for my lifetime so I went ahead and did it. I think it’s it’s great. Just a simple CH on the upper arm.

  6. Hi Jim. I wonder how the guy’s wife likes her husband having a tattoo of a fan peeing on a Leafs fan. It’s pretty funny.

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