A Little Too Close For Comfort As Canada Edges Slovakia

Team Canada did just enough, like working class heroes, to grab a 3-0 lead, then played without edge and fire, letting the Slovaks slowly but surely creep back in the game and get within one. Canada should have buried them, but both fans and players sat back and thought about Sunday.

But Sunday might never have come.

It took the Slovaks two and half periods to wake up, but wake up they did, and only the play of Roberto Luongo and some lucky bounces kept this thing from going into overtime

And in overtime, anything can happen. Imagine Slovakia against the US for the gold medal? How much would that suck?

Canada played without the youthful enthusiasm they displayed agains the Russians. Maybe they’ve been reading their press clippings. Maybe they thought they should have played the Slovaks in the last game and the Russians this game. Or maybe they thought about the Americans on Sunday.

They almost forgot one thing. The Slovaks are a good team and weren’t going to go away quietly.

Canadian goal scorers were Patricki Marleau, Brenden Morrow, and Ryan Getzlaff. It almost wasn’t enough.

Canada needs just a bit more passion on Sunday.

13 thoughts on “A Little Too Close For Comfort As Canada Edges Slovakia”

  1. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought Slovakia ended the game with a 10 minute power-play. And in that last minute it was as if two skaters joined the play when Halak was pulled.
    It’s a good thing they had a long TV timeout after the second goal to give my heart time to recover before giving me a second heart attack in those last moments.

    Before that I thought Canada played well in control, maybe a bit tentative at the start of the 2nd.

    US, we’re coming to atone for the last game. Canada needs another hockey gold.

  2. Hey Dennis,I dont think the Canadians showed it all,like the games before (excluding the Russians) we have just played a layed back game ,just enough to win.But in the case of the americans,we outplayed those guys but goaltending was the answer.I have no fear about Sunday,bring them on.The Canadians will hammer these guys…Go Habs Go..is that out of line?

  3. I think Canada was thinking abou the next game. When it was 3-0, they should have continued to put the hammer down. But they didn’t.

  4. Marty probably wants to redeem himself and would have a shut-out, but I expect Luongo to get the call again. As Babcock said, if you’re changing goalies now, you’re out.

  5. Dennis, Canada got the win by the skin of their teeth if you consider the first goal by Marleau, which could easily have been disallowed by the Olympic officials – who took a long time to review it. If it would have been disallowed, we would have had had an overtime situation and who knows?
    We didn’t know it at the time, but the officials’ decision was the key moment and deciding factor of the game.

  6. They lost focus during the end, but overall, they played great.
    Proud of the boys, We’re a much deeper team than US, I’m hoping that Canada doesn’t choke from the pressure.
    Should be a very entertaining game.


  7. I was just released from the hospital this morning from having heart failure after last nights game lol. that was the most intense last 2 mins i’ve ever seen in a hockey game and all i can say is thank god for roberto luongo. I dont think there is a chance Broduer will be back minding the nets, not after the way luongo has played. Sunday is going to be a hell of a game. If were going to be succesfull we gotta finish alot stronger and play alot better then we did in the 3rd period of last nights game.

  8. They played much differently than against Russia, Jordy. But they won, barely. You’re right, the last few minutes was heart-stopping. And yeah, it should be Luongo. He deserves it.

  9. Imagine, Danno. Imagine if they would’ve lost? Imagine if it was the US and Slovakia? I’m not even sure I’d watch it. Canada needs to stop doing that.

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