A Little Leafs-Hawks Hockey From 90 Years Ago

1929 was a time of Howie Morenz, Eddie Shore, Ace Bailey, Aurele Joliat, Dit Clapper, Lester Patrick, and so many greats of the game.

 It was a ten-team league at this time – Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, the Montreal Maroons, and the NY Americans in the Canadian Division, and Boston, the Rangers, the Detroit Cougars, Chicago, and the Pittsburgh Pirates in the American Division.

 This minute and a half home video from 1929 features Chicago and Toronto, and is a fascinating look at how hockey was played way back then. (And back then, it was the Chicago Black Hawks, not the Chicago Blackhawks. The name was changed to one word in the 1980’s.)

 And the ice cleaners at the end of the clip are something to behold.

6 thoughts on “A Little Leafs-Hawks Hockey From 90 Years Ago”

  1. hahaha the ice cleaners are awesome. They look straight out of a sci-fi movie.
    So, no goals in the whole video? Would’ve been nice…
    Maybe I’m too stuck in the present, but I didn’t even know there was portable video recording that could be done in the ’20s!

  2. I suppose it wasn’t even portable video recording as we think but more like those old wind-up cameras they used in the early silent films. I don’t know exactly, but it’s pretty cool anyway. I noticed a lot of empty seats too.

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  4. Dennis,

    I know you are a die hard Montreal fan and i definitely respect that but what are the odds you can put your feelings of hatred towards the canucks aside for a night and do a piece on Trevor Linden? I understand your probably not a fan of him, but the Canadians didnt play tonight and this being a hockey blog based on recent news what else is there to write about? I think i speak for all Canucks fans on here when I say it would be real nice gesture for you to do a write up on the greatest canuck of all time. Hope you can come through. GO CANUCKS GO! #16 forever!

  5. That was awesome. I kept turning up the sound until I remembered they probably couldn’t record sounds back then.

    No hooking either.

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