A Less-Than-Memorable Post

I’m sorry I’ve fallen behind here. We’re in Hollywood, at a motel on Hollywood Boulevard, and although it’s not a bad place, I couldn’t get the internet going, or the television. Not to mention the big group of people who decided to party outside until the wee hours and didn’t invite me.

So I’m a mess, and I’m quite pissed off.

I did see some of the St. Louis-San Jose game at a lively and noisy joint on the Sunset Strip, and between people riding a mechanical bull, I watched a whack of fights during what looked like a fine game. It truly seems like round one of the playoffs can provide much of the best hockey of the post season. Too bad I’m missing most of it.

So again, I apologize for posting what might be the lousiest post in the history of the internet. I love to travel, but when the internet is down and the partiers are in full force, I don’t love it quite so much.

Random Notes:

Yesterday in Vegas I saw a guy dressed in a white suit carrying a toy machine gun, sort of an Al Pacino type, making money by having his picture taken, mostly with Japanese tourists. Today, outside the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Blvd, there he was again. So I told him that I had just seen him in Vegas and now he’s in L.A. and he said you gotta move around, keep things fresh.

There’s also more than a fair share of freaks in this area. It’s not for the faint of heart.

The girl at the motel front desk said she’ll discuss with the manager the problems we had, and we might get our money back. But I’m not holding my breath.

Today, touring the area, then moving up closer to San Francisco. We’ve got Alcatraz on the agenda tomorrow.

I just looked in the mirror and definitely, I need a beauty sleep.

One thought on “A Less-Than-Memorable Post”

  1. Alcatraz? Dennis make sure to sign Gomez and Kaberle and Bourque up for a nice long stay. The charge is theft (of our money).

    Sorry to hear you had a crappy time last night. That’s the thing with traveling – sometimes it’s great and other times it’s just lousy.

    Sorry to see you’re missing the Flyers-Pittsburgh series. You’re missing some damn awesome hockey but traveling sure makes up for it. 🙂

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